What do you need to know about Metal Signs?

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Available Materials for Metal Signs


Aluminum is a solid metal sign material with a baked on enamel finish. Aluminum Signs are extremely durable in high traffic, wet and heavy equipment areas. Our Aluminum Signs are available in a range of thickness grades: lightest .020" gauge, light .032" gauge, standard .040" gauge, medium duty.063" gauge, heavy duty .080" gauge, heaviest .125" gauge, and even 1.00" gauge material.


Alumalite is a corrugated plastic sign material that is reinforced on both sides with rigid aluminum sign panels. Alumalite is a little easier to handle and install than the thicker, heavier ARMOUR-Wood signs. It does not have quite as much panel strength as ARMOUR-Wood, but is still a highly durable product.

Dibond - Aluminum

Aluminum Dibond is a solid plastic sign that is re-enforced on both sides with rigid aluminum sign panels. Aluminum Dibond is a lighter weight rigid sign panel ideally suited for wall mounted signs, smaller post mounted signs and hanging signs. Aluminum Dibond is more rigid than regular aluminum signs, and is slightly less rigid than Alumalite. When you are looking for a product that is substantially stiffer than a standard gauge metal sign, Aluminum Dibond is a solid choice.

Dibond - Steel

In addition to classic Aluminum Dibond, we also carry signs made from Steel Dibond. What's the difference? Steel Dibond has a solid plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of steel, instead of aluminum. This makes the sign magnetic and stronger, in addition to having the advantages of Dibond. For signs that you might like to make temporary additions to via magnets, Steel Dibond is an excellent option.


ARMOUR-Wood has significantly greater panel strength over traditional sign materials because the outer, metal armor shell, is reinforced with a solid wooden core. This innovative combination of metal & wood makes ARMOUR-Wood one of the strongest sign panels available.

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Available Types of Metal Signs

Outdoor Signs

Metal Signs are ideal for any outdoor application. This is because Metal Signs last longer in the elements than any other type of material, regardless of whether you select Aluminum, the lightest material, or ARMOUR-Wood, the heaviest. All of our metal sign materials are rust-proof, water-resistant, if not water proof, and rot-resistant. For an outdoor sign that will outlast its competitors, choose metal.

Indoor Signs

Metal, no matter what the material, is heavy duty, which leaves some of our customers asking "Why have it indoors where there's no weather to worry about?" The answer is that metal signs have an industrial, corporate appeal that wooden and plastic materials often never achieve. When a customer walks into your lobby and sees a piece of metal that's heavy duty, the subtext is that your company is built to last. Choose a metal indoor sign to win the confidence of your customers.

Wall Signs

Metal signs make great wall signs because they offer a full range of materials and thicknesses which can be tailored to whatever your priorities are for the exterior of your building. Need lightweight but WeatherProof? Go with Aluminum. Need a stronger, more substantial look without adding weight? Go with Dibond. Want a sign that's as heavy as it's heavy duty? Go with ARMOUR-Wood. Whatever your needs are, there's a type of metal and an exact thickness for your situation.

Hanging Signs

The installation of a Hanging Sign presents a riddle: Where can you find a material that's light enough to hang, but heavy enough to prevent the wind from blowing it off its bracket? The answer? Metal. Take your pick of Aluminum, Alumalite, Dibond, or ARMOUR-Wood and you'll find a material that hangs up easily and swings at the exact degree you require.

3D Letters

What's the point of making your 3D letters out of metal instead of plastic? Metal is timeless and modern, whereas plastic is often only ever the latter. Metal is the sturdiest material we offer, is built to last, and looks professional and current whether the year is 1971 or 2021. We offer letters in aluminum, copper, bronze, titanium, and stainless steel. Choose metal for your 3D letters to give your lobby or storefront a touch of timeless elegance.

Vintage Signs

You know them when you see them. They're colorful, stamped, and aluminum, with contours that follow the design that's printed on them. Some people call them kitschy; we call them classic. They're retro signs, fabricated the same way today as they were in the Roaring 20s. Whether your logo was designed yesterday or a hundred years ago, a stamped aluminum sign will make your brand look like its been around since before many of your customers were born - ideal for hipsters and oldtimers alike - that is, your entire customer base.

Reflective Signs

The majority of Reflective Signs that you see on your daily commute - street signs, parking signs, wayfinding signs - are made out of metal. We offer reflective signs made out of any material, but Metal Signs have a reputation as an effective solution for nighttime signage. Choose metal for your Reflective Sign to promote your business no matter what time it is.

Real Estate Signs

It's true that the classic real estate lawn sign is made out of Coroplast. But it's also true that the classic real estate lawn sign is easily stolen, vandalized, or simply blown away by a storm. For a sturdier "For Sale" sign, choose a lightweight, metal material like Alumalite. With a post in the ground, and an Alumalite sign hung, your sign will stay put for the house-buyers that are on their way.

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Product Information for Metal Signs

Metal signs can be designed in a variety of ways to fit a variety of needs.

Metal signs offer classic style and unmatched durability. We offer a variety of materials for your informative and sturdy signs, including Aluminum, Alumalite, and Dibond.

We can custom cut metal signs into any shape and size. If you want a sign that looks like a pie 15 feet high, we can do it.

We can print anything you want on your sign. If you would like a life-size photo of yourself on a metal sign, we can do that too.

Recreating the style of vintage metal signs is a great way to showcase a modern brand in an unusual way. Evoke nostalgic feelings by decorating your home or office with retro style ad signs! 

Need to attract attention?

  • Display Your Message All Year Long with Weather-Resistant Metal Signs
  • Express Yourself with Signs Cut in Custom Shapes and Featuring Any Design
  • Impress Customers with Signs in Any Size
  • Increase Visibility Using Reflective Signage
  • Promote yourself with professional business signs tailored to your needs.
  • Give an unforgettable personalized gift by customizing a sign with family photos and a sweet saying or a funny joke.

Feel free to contact us about any sign you're considering no matter how unusual. We love special requests!


Wondering When and Where to Use Metal Signs?


Custom metal signs are strong, light-weight and among the most durable of all sign materials.

You'll find aluminum, Alumalite, ARMOUR-Wood, and Dibond signs all over the place and used in many ways. With digital printing, it can be hard to tell if you are looking at a metal sign or not. Keep your eyes peeled!


Signs in use all around you:

  • Safety Signs
  • Corporate
  • Construction
  • Parking Lots
  • Trailers
  • Buildings
  • Exterior Walls
  • Street Signs
  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Real Estate
  • Contractors
  • Commercial
  • Marine
  • New Business
  • Directional
  • Informational
  • POP Displays
  • Industrial

Big or Small, We Do It All!

While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your Metal Sign can be, we are printing Metal Signs in every size.

Metal Signage comes in sizes up to 6' x 20' in a single, seamless sheet (Note: Metal signage larger than 5’ X 10’ must have a thickness gauge of at least .125 inches). The largest, rigid, seamless panel available in the market today. If you need a sign that is larger than that, no worries! Just let us know, and we'll make sure to get you any size Metal Sign you need.

The most popular sizes available for custom Metal Signs are as follows:

10" x 12"
12" x 18"
18" x 24"
24" x 36"
36" x 72"
48" x 96"
48" x 120"

About Your Design Options!

Custom outdoor metal signs are strong, light-weight and among the most durable of all sign materials. Even with the steady price increases worldwide in the raw cost of aluminum, this sign material is still quite cost effective and remains in high demand for its unbeatable qualities. When you are looking for a perfectly smooth finish, custom metal signs project a first class image. Plus, a custom outdoor metal sign can never rot or deteriorate like a standard wooden sign.


Available Design Options:

  • PMS Color Match
  • Brushed Silver Finish
  • Brushed Gold Finish
  • Mirror Finish
  • Custom Hole Placement
  • Custom Shapes
  • Rounded Corners
  • Dry Erase Laminate
  • Reflective Colors
  • Trim Cap


In addition to the mentioned design options:

  • You can get any size you want.
  • Any thickness.
  • Any shape.
  • And any design, artwork, photo or logo can be used.

Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

  • Our online Metal Sign pricing tool instantly calculates the exact prices on Metal Signs.
  • At TheSignChef.com, shipping for Metal Signage and all other indoor and outdoor signs is free.
  • Orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!
  • We do offer quantity breaks at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.

We offer more colors for Metal Signs than anyone out there on the web!

  • You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage.
  • You can even choose a reflective color.
  • PMS Color Match available on most materials.

We custom cut more shapes for Metal Signs than any other sign company!

TheSignChef.com will cut your Metal Signage to ANY custom shape. Pictured below are a few custom sign shapes, if you need a Metal Sign in a unique shape, let us know.

Custom Sign Shapes


Here at TheSignChef.com, we know the process isn’t over once you've placed the order
for your custom metal sign. After all, isn’t the purpose of your new sign for people
to see it? We understand that installing your metal sign yourself may seem like a
daunting task, however, we can we offer you valuable help with the process. 


So, how do we help you with this process?

Well, we offer a variety of mounting kits and accessories that can ship with your order and help you have your sign installed
as soon as possible. For metal signs, we’ve found that these are some of the more
popular installation supplies:

If you aren’t certain what tools you need to install your metal sign, you can always
contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. Also, you can check
out our instructional videos to see just how stress-free installing your custom metal
sign can be.

Here are some videos that will help you choose the right sign for you!

Custom created videos just for you. We strive to give you more information than any other sign company online. We even have created our own videos that answer the most common questions. Below find a small collection of our videos on metal signs. Discover what exactly these signs look like up close, what size you can get a new custom metal sign and how thick your sign should be. If at any time you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are always glad to help and let us know if there is something you would like us to address in a video.

Metal signs Up Close-4:29min
What Size Can My Metal Sign Be?-2:52min
How Thick Should Your Metal Sign Be?-3:21min

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Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Signs

Of course! We would be happy to help you with rush processing on a metal sign. The fastest way for us to help you with a rush order will be for you call us at 1-800-899- 6272.
Not by default, but a reflective coating can easily be applied to any metal sign. Check out the metal sign pricing calculator to see coating options and prices.
We can cut aluminum and Dibond signs into any custom shape you want. However, other materials such as ARMOUR-Wood and Alumalite do not lend themselves to intricate cuts or shaping.
Yes! Any sign order over $125 comes with free shipping. Even if you want a metal sign that’s 10 feet long and requires a custom built crate and freight shipping, it’s free. For details on rush shipping, please call our Customer Service line (1-800-899- 6272).
Yes! We can drill holes in custom locations on your metal sign as long as the placement does not damage the actual sign.


Every metal sign order comes with a 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee, we stand behind all of our work with a 100% 


Sometimes, we make mistakes. We are only human after all. But it's how a business handles mistakes that counts, wouldn't you agree? So if we do happen to overlook something on your order, we will bend over backwards to make you happy. We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will promptly replace any product that is defective in workmanship or that is different from what you approved. And for your trouble, you'll even get a very pleasant surprise gift.

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