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ARMOUR-Wood Signs Promote Your Business both Indoors and Outdoors

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Product Information for Armour-Wood

Fast Facts

  • Armour-Wood is the highest rigid panel strength available
  • It has a solid wood core sealed between two aluminum, armor-plated metal sheets
  • Available in 1/2" thickness, extremely heavy duty
  • Engineered to weather extreme weather conditions
  • Waterproof and rustproof
  • Panels only weigh 2 pounds per sq. foot
  • Includes edge cap for clean, professional framed appearance
  • Edges permanently sealed by edge cap for protection
  • Great for indoor use as well - it can easily last decades inside.
  • Simple to install and mount
  • Available in any size
  • Available in traditional shapes
  • Available in any color, design or style
  • Your choice of design, photos, logos or artwork

Superior in Quality and Strength - Great for Your Business or Promotion!

ARMOUR-Wood signs give you the best of two worlds - the strength of traditional wooden signs is combined with a glossy aluminum exterior finish creating a sign material that will stand the test of time.

Custom ARMOUR-Wood signs are produced with a solid, plywood core that is permanently sealed between two factory sealed aluminum sheets (see image below).

Due to the construction, thickness, and density, ARMOUR-Wood is one of the strongest and most rigid sign materials available today. In addition, signs made of it have higher wind resistance than signs made of many other materials. They also have an elevated impact rating.

When you are looking for a custom sign with the highest rigid panel strength available and engineered to survive extreme weather ARMOUR-Wood delivers unbeatable performance. It makes a wise investment for any business or promotion. You can be sure it is a sign purchase that will endure over time - bringing lasting recognition for your business or promotion.

ARMOUR-Wood signs are highly recommended for permanent outdoor signs, construction site signs, real estate signs, wall mounted signs, post and panel signs, as well as hanging and fence mounted signs.


Design Options

The design of your ARMOUR-Wood sign is more than just its layout and colors. It is also important to factor in the size of the text. We provide a letter sizing calculator so you don’t have to worry about your sign being readable.

Edge Capping: All edges of the sign are sealed with a plastic 1/2" cap which not only protects the product from moisture, but also creates a finished framed look.

Edge capping is available in black and white - choose one to match your sign or to create contrast.



ARMOUR-Wood signs can come in any color you want. We print all of our ARMOUR-Wood signs in full color, so there is no fee for additional colors. However, if you select vinyl lettering for the ARMOUR-Wood sign, the cost varies based on the number of colors you use. Also, you can add any design, photo, logo or artwork to your sign at no extra charge.  We also offer reflective coating so your sign will be easily visible at night.

To permanently seal and protect your ARMOUR-Wood sign and create a finished appearance, the edges of your ARMOUR-Wood sign are capped with white or black plastic trim. The ½” edge cap enhances the appearance of ARMOUR-Wood while protecting the sign from moisture.



Don’t let your outdoor ARMOUR-Wood sign fade away. ARMOUR-Wood is one of the most durable materials out there when it comes to signage. The solid, plywood core makes the sign highly rigid and strong. The two outer sheets of aluminum naturally provide their own protective coating (aluminum oxide) that prevents rusting. Combine this with the 4 different durability grades of protective coating, and your ARMOUR-Wood sign can stay vibrant and weather-proof for 10 or more years. At, we’ll tell you “don’t over-buy or under-buy.” But what does that mean? Other sign companies have a habit of only selling their customers one durability option, regardless of the customers’ specific needs. Most are hesitant to quantify just how long their signs will last, and those that do will often limit the sign’s lifespan to 5 years or less. This often results in you receiving a sign that is built (and priced) to last far longer or shorter than you really need, leading to frustration and higher costs on your end.

We, however, offer 4 different durability grades for our custom signs, from economy to ultra premium. There are pros and cons to each durability grade. For example, while the initial cost of an economy grade sign is less than ultra-premium, if you end up needing to replace your sign every few years, you pay more in the long run. On the flip side, if you invest in an ultra-premium grade sign, but 3 years in realize you want a new look, you’ve paid for more durability than you need. So how long will you want your ARMOUR-Wood sign to last? For an indoor ARMOUR-Wood sign, it’s very rare that you would need anything higher than the economy grade. However, if your ARMOUR-Wood sign will be displayed outside, we recommend either standard, premium, or ultra-premium grade. The infographic above shows the different levels of fade protection each durability grade offers. We want to make sure you’re getting the product that will fit your needs now and in the future.



We understand that installing your ARMOUR-Wood sign yourself may seem like a daunting task, and maybe you were even planning on hiring someone to do it for you. But before you go through the hassle of finding a sign installation company, trying to work around their schedule and factoring an extra $100+ for their services, let us show you how easy doing it yourself can be. By self-installing your wood sign, you can save yourself time and money.

Displaying your ARMOUR-Wood sign is easy. We offer installation kits and accessories that will help you mount your ARMOUR-Wood sign to wood, metal, stucco, brick masonry or concrete. If you’d like to hang your ARMOUR-Wood sign, just let us know. We can drill holes into the top of your sign to simplify the hanging process. 

For ARMOUR-Wood signs, these are popular installation supplies:

If you aren’t certain what tools you need to install your ARMOUR-Wood sign, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. Also, you can check out our instructional videos to see just how stress-free installing your custom ARMOUR-Wood sign can be.



The right size and shape for you ARMOUR-Wood sign depends on your specific needs. That’s why we don’t place too many limits on your size options for ARMOUR-Wood signs. 

ARMOUR-Wood is available in any size you want up to 4’ by 10’ from a single, seamless sheet. This is the largest size available without seams. If you’re okay with spreading the sign over multiple sheets of ARMOUR-Wood, then we can make your custom sign as big as you want. 



Traditional Shapes: ARMOUR-Wood is popular because it is designed for superior strength and resiliency and it is available in what we call "traditional shapes": square, rectangle, and vertical rectangle.

In order to keep the integrity of the ARMOUR-Wood product, custom shapes are not currently available.

Traditional shapes can have the same effect and "wow" factor as any custom shaped sign. Using exceptional designs, graphics, colors, and images you can create a custom ARMOUR-Wood sign in a traditional shape that is a perfect fit for your sign needs. It is not uncommon to see round, oval, and other fancy borders printed on a rectangular sign.

While we routinely cut ARMOUR-Wood into custom sizes, we usually only cut rectangular or square shapes. The material does not lend itself to intricate cuts or shaping. Any custom shaping must be kept to a minimum. 

For intricate shapes, we recommend other materials such as aluminum, Dibond or wood.



ARMOUR-Wood signs come in ½” thickness. This is extremely heavy duty—the highest rigid panel strength available. The sign panel itself is made up of a solid wood core that is factory-sealed with an aluminum, armor plate shield on both sides.



Watch our instructional videos about ARMOUR-Wood signs to learn more about selecting thickness, size, shape and design, as well as stress-free installation.

(Sign Material) ARMOURWood Sign Size Options - 2:11min
Standard ARMOURWOOD Signs, Exceptional Designs - 2:03min
(Sign Material)  What Does ArmourWood Look Like Up Close- 3:09min

Excellence Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Armour-Wood

Once you approve your final design, we can typically produce and ship your ARMOUR-wood sign in two business days.

Large orders and special sign requests normally ship in 3-7 business days. If your order is time sensitive, please share your deadline with Customer Service at 800.899.6272.

Yes. We would be happy to rush the processing of your ARMOUR-Wood sign. The fastest way for us to help you with a rush order is for you to call Customer Service at 800.899.6272.

Yes. You are welcome to drill your own holes. If you cause damage, we will not repair or replace your ARMOUR-Wood sign under warranty.

Yes. You can choose almost any layout or color combination you want for your ARMOUR-Wood sign. Design options may vary based on sign material.

All of our ARMOUR-Wood sign edges are sealed with a plastic 1/2” cap. This not only protects the product from moisture, but also creates a finished look. Edge capping is available in black and white.

The minimum order quantity for an ARMOUR-Wood sign is one. We do offer quantity discounts for two or more ARMOUR-Wood signs. The more ARMOUR-Wood signs you purchase in one order, the greater your savings.

Yes. We would be happy to help. The fastest way for us to process a rush order will be for you call Customer Service at 800.899.6272.

Yes. If you need additional holes or custom locations, you can note that request in your ARMOUR-Wood sign order. Special requests are subject to additional cost.

With proper care and installation, a standard ARMOUR-wood sign should last at least two years. Also, we offer four grades of protective coatings that can extend the life of your sign up to 10 years.

Yes. We can print a double-sided ARMOUR-Wood sign in any size.

All of our ARMOUR-Wood signs are printed with weather, fade and abrasion resistant ink. Your ARMOUR-Wood sign shouldn’t fade or scratch through normal usage.

However, if you intentionally or unintentionally scratch your ARMOUR-Wood sign with a sharp object, it is most likely going to scratch the surface and/or printed portion of the sign.

If your ARMOUR-Wood sign arrives broken or with production defects, please contact Customer Service at 800.899.6272 or email immediately. Manufacturing defects fall within our Workmanship Guarantee, so we will replace your ARMOUR-Wood sign free of charge.

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