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How long does your sign need to survive the sun and the weather outside?

This question surprises most of our clients at first because there's a natural presumption that signs last for a very long time.

For indoor signs & letters, that presumption holds true.

Outdoor signs are a completely different story though, mainly because of the damaging effects of the sun. How long will your signs last outside before they look old and faded?

The sun will likely damage your sign much sooner than you expect – here's why:

  • Sunlight causes colors to fade because pigments break down under intense solar heat and UV light exposure.

  • The result is a bleaching effect which causes colors to lighten and look washed out.

  • As colors fade, a chalky white residue often forms on the surface of the sign, due to oxidation.

  • Without a clear, UV protective sealant, the unprotected surfaces on outdoor signs are subjected to the full force of the sun and the elements, which accelerates deterioration.

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Our most popular sign products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

If any exterior rated sign product covered under this warranty, breaks, cracks, peels, fades or otherwise fails, the sign product will be refinished or replaced free of charge.

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Goof-Proof Replacement Guarantee.

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Extended 12 Month Warranty.

Full, 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

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Professional Workmanship Guaranteed.

Workmanship and materials are warrantied against product defects.

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