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Slimline Light Boxes to Draw Attention to Your Display

  • Multiple Sizes Are Available
    We carry LED Light Boxes in a variety of sizes, which can be cut according to your design specifications.
  • Used to Emphasize a Section of Signage
    Slimline Light Boxes are perfect for drawing attention to one sign where you may have multiple.
  • Brushed Metal Finishes Available for Your LED Light Box
    Finishes available include Brushed Silver, Gold, Copper and Stainless Steel.
  • Don’t Over-Buy or Under-Buy!™
    Our representatives will guide you through the purchasing process so that you purchase the features that align with your specific application.
  • 100% Design Satisfaction Guarantee
    We offer complete access to our graphic design team so that every edit you require is incorporated into the sign before it goes to production.

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the beautiful colors on your new Slimline Light Boxes, which level of Solar Protection will your signs need?

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Product Information for Slimline Light Boxes


  • Slimline Light Boxes are perfect for drawing attention to a particular aspect of your business in a brand new sign.
  • Slimline Light Boxes have a thin profile, so they won't disturb your space any more than a regular, new sign would.
  • We can customize your LED Light Box to any shape or design that you send us.
  • We can customize your LED Light Box to the finish you desire, including brushed silver.


Indoor Uses

Slimline Light Boxes are a great choice for your indoor sign. Emphasize a particular room in your building with an LED Light Box. Our Light Boxes are unobtrusive, with a thin profile, allowing you to draw attention to what you want without disturbing the layout of your space.

Unlimited proofs

We understand that an LED Light Box is a unique feature to add to your space. You need your design to be applied correctly to a "T," or you risk emphasizing the wrong graphic. This is why we offer unlimited proofs during the design process so that your LED fixture captures your customer's attention the way it's designed to.

Excellence Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slimline Light Boxes

Yes, you can specify any shape you would like in the description and art that you send us.

Our graphic designer will work with you over the phone to ensure that your LED Light Box shines exactly the way you imagine.

LEDs draw attention to your design more than any other sign feature we offer. Whereas signage already draws attention to your message, LEDs give you the opportunity set apart a particular sign from your pre-existing signage.


Slimline Light Boxes truly live up to their name. Installing one of these signs will not disturb your space any more than a thin aluminum sign.

Once you place your order we offer complete access to our graphic design team with unlimited proofs so that by the end of the design process your sign looks exactly the way want.

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