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Estimated Production Times

Material Time Reflective/Premium/Ultra Premium
3D Letters 9-15 Days N/A
Acrylic 3-5 Days N/A
Acrylic Sign Faces 3-5 Days N/A
Aluminum 2 Days 3-5 Days
ARMOUR-Wood 2 Days 3-5 Days
Channel Letters 3-5 Weeks N/A
Coroplast 2 Days N/A
Dibond 2 Days 3-5 Days
Dura-Wood 2 Days 3-5 Days
Engraved Acrylic 3-5 Days N/A
Engraved Metal 3-5 Days N/A
Engraved Plastic 2 Days N/A
Foam Core Ultra 2 Days N/A
HDU 3-5 Weeks 6-8 Weeks
Lexan Sign Faces 5-7 Days N/A
Lighted Sign Cabinet 3-5 Weeks 4-6 Weeks
Magnets 2 Days 3-5 Days
Posters 3 Days N/A
PVC Plastic 2 Days 3-5 Days
Sandblasted Cedar 6-8 Weeks N/A
Vinyl Banners 2 Days N/A
Vinyl Decals 2 Days 3-5 Days
Vinyl Letters 2 Days 3-5 Days
Window Perf 3-5 Days N/A


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