Indoor Window Perforated Signs

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Indoor, See-through, Window Graphics to Help You Navigate Permitting Restrictions

  • Indoor Window Perforated Signs Available for Multiple Window Sizes
    Whether your window is in a small office or on a large storefront, we have a custom perforated sign which will meet your needs.
  • Used to Create an Outdoor Sign Effect, While Being Installed Indoors
    Many municipalities have strict regulations governing the signs you install on the outside of your window. The solution? Install the same perforated sign on the inside. Let our reps walk you through the process.
  • Perforated Vinyl Signs Printed With Any Photo or Design You Provide.
    Indoor Window Perforated Signs are a great choice if you would like to print a photo to a storefront sign. Send us your artwork, so we can put you in touch with our graphic designer.
  • Don’t Over-Buy or Under-Buy!™
    Our representatives are dedicated to identifying a solution that meets your needs without overcompensating.
  • We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction With Your Sign's Design
    We give you total access to our designer, with unlimited proofs, so that every aspect of your Perforated Window Sign conforms to your expectations.

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Product Information for Indoor Window Perforated Signs


  • Indoor Window Perforated Vinyl Signs can be printed with any artwork that you send us.
  • These signs are visible to passersby, but invisible to customers who are already inside your building.
  • Because they are technically installed "inside," these signs often avoid many of the permitting restrictions that apply to exterior signage.
  • Not all sign shops are capable of interior window vinyl. This is because the production process relies on the use of white ink, which many sign shops do not have, unlike


Navigating Permitting Restrictions

Indoor Window Perforated Vinyl Signs have all of the same advantages as exterior perforated signs. The difference is that, in many municipalities, installing a sign on the inside of the window, rather than on the outside, evades all of the restrictions and fees on outdoor signage. At the same time, you receive the benefit of advertising your message to passersby on the outside.


Our Process

In order to achieve the effect of an exterior window sign, we have a custom process that involves inverting your design, and adding extra layers of white and black ink. This allows us to make your sign visible to the outside but invisible to the inside.

Excellence Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Window Perforated Signs

In many municipalities, installing a sign on the inside of your window, as opposed to the outside, allows you to avoid permitting restrictions which only apply to the outside. The advantage is that you are still advertising your message to the outside.

Yes, you can have any design printed to your Perforated Window Vinyl, including photographs, which often make a very striking display in a storefront.

We recommend that you install perforated vinyl on the inside of windows that have a lighter tint or no tint at all. You can still install your sign on the inside of a window with a darker tint, but the sign will be less visible from the outside.

Production of Indoor Perforated Window Vinyl requires the use of white ink, which is not available at every sign shop. We are pleased to provide this capability here at

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