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Choose Steel Dibond for Your Metal Sign If...

  • You need a sign that's magnetic.

    When buying a metal sign you might assume that your magnets will stick to any metal material. The truth is steel will hold your magnets while aluminum won't. If you're interested in customizing your sign with temporary magnets, Steel Dibond is the best option.

  • You need more strength than Aluminum has to offer.

    Many consumers love the idea of Aluminum Dibond, a plastic core bonded to two aluminum sheets, the result being a sign that is as light as it is strong. But why stop there? Why not substitute an even stronger metal, but try to retain some of the lighter weight? That's exactly what we've done with our Steel Dibond.

  • You need a metal sign that won't bend.

    Steel has a density about 250% higher than Aluminum. This means steel weighs more. While many might view this as a disadvantage, the fact is that steel's higher density is the reason steel is less likely than aluminum to bend or warp over time.

Reasons to Choose Steel Dibond

  • Steel Dibond is stronger than Aluminum Dibond.

  • Steel Dibond is magnetic, whereas our other metal materials, almost all variants of aluminum, are not.

  • Steel Dibond is less likely to warp or bend over time, due to its higher density.

  • We can print any logo or design you send to us on your Steel Dibond sign.

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