Steel Dibond

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Steel Dibond is a Magnetic Receptive Version of Classic Aluminum Dibond, with Higher Panel Strength

  • Similar Construction with Higher Panel Strength
    Steel Dibond consists of two steel panels bonded to a solid plastic core, but is even stronger than Aluminum Dibond.
  • Weather the Elements
    Steel has a higher density than Aluminum, increasing its wind rating.
  • Magnetic Receptive Surface
    Unlike Aluminum Dibond, Steel Dibond has a magnetic receptive surface, allowing for temporary changes to your sign.
  • Don’t Over-Buy or Under-Buy!™
    While Steel Dibond is heavier than Aluminum Dibond, Steel Dibond is still a great compromise between strength, price, and versatility.
  • We Guarantee 100% Design Satisfaction or Your Money Back.
    We provide free layouts for your final approval prior to production.

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Product Information for Steel Dibond


  • Steel Dibond is magnetic receptive.
  • Steel Dibond has a higher panel strength than Aluminum Dibond.
  • Steel Dibond has increased rigidity, just like Aluminum Dibond, due to the solid plastic core.
  • Steel Dibond is constructed the same way as Aluminum Dibond, with a solid plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of metal. The difference is Steel is a far stronger metal than Aluminum.


A Magnetic Version of Dibond

Why substitute steel for aluminum, when Aluminum Dibond is already lightweight and has high panel strength? Aluminum is not magnetic receptive, whereas Steel is magnetic receptive. A magnetic receptive surface adds a great deal flexibility in the event that you want to make temporary changes to your signage.


A Stronger Version of Dibond

Although Steel weighs more than Aluminum, Steel Dibond has a higher panel strength than Aluminum Dibond due to its higher density.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Steel Dibond

Steel has a far higher panel strength than Aluminum. Steel is also magnetic, unlike Aluminum.

Steel is heavier than Aluminum, but what you lose in lightness, you gain in a higher panel strength.
Steel is stronger than Aluminum due to a density which is far higher than that of Aluminum.

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