Orange, red, and white vintage sign with text that reads: Yakima Chief Hops

Vintage Signs

We understand that a number of our customers aren't here for the latest and greatest in sign technology, game-changing composites, or all the ways brand-new LEDs could light up the facade of their building.

On the contrary, they're here for a different breed of sign altogether, the kind of sign that might have hung on the wall at a soda fountain in the '50s, or above the back entrance to a speakeasy in the '20s.

They're here for the kind of sign their grandfather might have hung up the day he opened his business 50 years ago. The sign is unique, colorful, aluminum and textured - a perfect mold to the logo that makes a company famous.

They're here for a stamped aluminum sign, and we're happy to provide.

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The beautiful colors on your new Aluminum Signs

When the sun starts frying

the beautiful colors on your new Vintage Signs, which level of Solar Protection will your signs need?

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