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Choose Aluminum for Your Metal Sign If...

  • You need a strong metal sign that's lightweight.

    We offer Aluminum at a minimum thickness of 0.020" gauge. Take advantage of Aluminum's dual strength and lighter weight.

  • You need metal signs in multiple thicknesses.

    While Aluminum Dibond and Alumalite are stronger than Aluminum without adding any substantial extra weight, they only come in 2 thicknesses each. Aluminum comes in 5 different thicknesses so that you have options for any application.

  • You need a metal sign material with an undeniable track record.

    Sign company sales reps will go on and on about all the improvements Dibond and Alumalite make on basic Aluminum. The one thing these more recent composites don't have? A century-old tradition of industrial uses in electrical systems, street signs, and even the Apollo Space Program.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum for Your Metal Sign

  • We offer Aluminum in 5 different thicknesses, ranging from 0.020" to 1.00" making it a great option for any project.

  • Aluminum signs outdoors have an average lifespan of 3 years for standard Aluminum and 6 years for premium grade Aluminum, making Aluminum a great option for the long haul.

  • We offer Aluminum signs in any size.

  • We can add any artwork to your Aluminum sign using color-printing, screen-printing, or engraving.

  • Aluminum signage can be single-sided or double-sided.

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The beautiful colors on your new Aluminum Signs

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