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Reflective Signs Light Up Your Business

  • Promote Your Business At NIght
    With reflective sings, you can promote day or night
  • Make Any Sign Reflective
    Reflective Material can be added to any type of sign of any size
  • Always Affordable
    We offer a large selection of reflective signs for affordable prices
  • Custom Shapes
    We can cut and shape your sign into a variety of unique shapes.
  • Any Graphic Design Any Time
    You choose the design, and we'll make the sign.

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Product Information for Reflective Metal Signs

Reflective Metal Signs 

It has happened to all of us at least once - you are driving along a dark windy road, GPS is on the fritz, your map offers no help and you have no clue where the turnoff is! Creeping along at well under the speed limit, you start to panic when finally, up ahead, the road sign appears brightly illuminated in your high beams. You sigh a breath of relief and arrive safely at your destination.

If it hadn't been for those reflective metal signs, you might have easily driven miles past your turn off unknowingly, only to have to turn around and hope to find it again. What a pain that would have been!

Just like highway signs help you reach your destination, your business sign helps customers find the products they are looking for.

Now imagine that there is a customer driving around looking for your store or office in the middle of winter when it gets dark so early — or even early morning when dawn has yet to fully approach the horizon. Having a reflective metal sign is certain to not only alert them to your location, but draw the attention of other potential clients as well! Why limit your potential customer base by only being visible during daylight hours? People all around you have different daily schedules - so you never know what early bird or night owl might be looking for a business just like yours.

How to use reflective metal signs to not only stand out, but stand apart!

To allow your company to stand apart from the rest, adding a reflective metal sign to your existing signage is a sound investment - especially for businesses located on heavily traveled traffic routes such as highways and byways, main streets and industrial areas. There will always be a steady stream of traffic at any hour of the day. Using reflective signs will automatically improve your chances of getting seen and noticed 24 hours a day. Current and future customers will instantly have their attention captured when your message is reflected back at them.

So what exactly would YOUR reflective metal sign look like?

Virtually any image you can imagine can be transformed into a custom metal sign! From a custom shape to full-color photos, any design can be digitally printed right onto the bright, reflective surface of the metal sign panel. So even if your business shuts down before dark, your new sign will keep on working tirelessly throughout the night to reinforce your presence in the community.

DOUBLE-DUTY reflective signs add another unexpected value to businesses

With both day and night visibility, your sign will provide DOUBLE the advertising value of a non-reflective sign. What may not as obvious though is that the LIFESPAN of reflective metal signs is more than DOUBLE that of standard metal signs! And get this - the reflective surface measures 30% brighter without the use of any electricity providing additional ongoing savings.

Double the value for only 33% more?

With a price difference of only 33%, reflective metal signs provide a meaningful value over standard, economy grade signs. Since 1986, has specialized in custom, reflective metal signs by serving the business community, contractors, real estate agents, municipalities, military installations, hospitals, schools, universities, churches and non-profit agencies.

In fact, these organizations have accidentally discovered a rather unique, online design service. So if you would like to explore your own design options, this 4-minute design video will show you exactly how to get all your new signage, professionally designed online, absolutely free.

There's absolutely no charge. And there's no obligation to buy, ever.

It's just our way of letting you sample our services, completely risk-free!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Reflective Metal Signs

We make custom reflective signs rapidly. As quickly as you approve the finished design online, your custom reflective signs will ship within just 24-48 hours! Special signs and large order requests usually dispatch within 3-7 business days. If your order is time sensitive, please approve the precise turnaround time with Customer Service at 1-800-899-6272.
Definitely! You may get just about any design or color scheme you desire for your custom reflective sign.
Yes, definitely! The greater number of custom reflective signs you pay for, the less each will cost you. This means that your custom reflective signs can reach an increased number of individuals for the more cost-effective price!
Positively! We have been well equipped with inventory and personnel to address rush orders for a wide variety of custom reflective signs. For those times you get in a bind and require your custom reflective sign fast, we'll bend over backwards to help what you are promoting get the custom reflective sign you may need, when you need it!
The minimum order for a custom reflective sign is just one! Quantity discounts start with merely two custom reflective signs. Of course, the more you buy together, the greater you save (as with all our custom signs). Although custom reflective signs are offered by other sign companies, we're not a big fan of utilizing PVC Plastic Sign material outdoors. PVC Plastic Signs are responsive to solar heat which might result in the plastic sign material to warp. Plus, there's hardly any price savings over the predictable qualities of aluminum.

If your custom reflective signs or another product arrives defective or includes production defects, please speak to Customer Service via Live Chat or contact us at 1-800-899-6272 immediately. Manufacturing defects come under our Workmanship Guarantee, therefore we will replace your sign free. If you try to get us after business hours, it is possible to e-mail us at and we'll respond whenever business hours resume.

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