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Choose Alumalite for Your Metal Sign If...

  • You need a metal sign that can withstand any wind.

    With a thickness of 1/2" Alumalite has a higher wind rating than Aluminum Dibond. If you'll be installing your sign between two posts, Alumalite is a no-brainer.

  • You want a metal sign with extra thickness but no extra weight.

    Alumalite offers a maximum thickness of 1/2", where as Aluminum Dibond only offers a maximum thickness of 1/4". The best part? The extra quarter-inch doesn't add any substantial extra weight!

  • You need a strong metal sign which is waterproof.

    When looking for a metal sign with maximum strength, our customers often turn to ARMOUR-Wood. That is, until they realize that wood can deteriorate over time, even if it's rot-resistant. Then they purchase Alumalite, which is still very strong, but waterproof.

Reasons to Choose Alumalite for Your Metal Sign

  • Alumalite is lightweight yet stiffer than other materials.

  • Alumalite lasts for decades when installed indoors.

  • Alumalite at a 1/2" is stronger than standard Aluminum or Aluminum Dibond, without any substantial additional weight.

  • We offer Alumalite signs in any size.

  • We can add any artwork you send us to your Alumalite sign.

  • We can add plastic edge-capping for a more elegant look.

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