Get Your Shine On! 5 Reasons Aluminum Outshines the Competition


Aluminum outshines the competition…

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials in the sign industry. That's probably not news to you. What may be news to you, though, is how it measures up to other materials! When compared to substrates like wood, plastic, and even most composite materials, aluminum outshines the competition, in more ways than one. Just a heads up, though, after seeing the evidence, you'll probably want to get your shine on…

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Core Sign Made from Brushed Aluminum for Advertising Business


Here are the 5 reasons aluminum outshines the competition:

Brushed Silver Aluminum Sign with Custom Design for Strokes

Brushed Silver Aluminum Sign with Custom Design for Strokes


It's one of the strongest materials in the sign industry


Aluminum is known for its strength and rigidity. Even though it is thin and incredibly lightweight, it's strong, and the thicker it is, the greater the panel strength. It comes in primarily 5 thicknesses, but three of them are most common. Thin, small signs (like real estate signage) are typically made with the .040 gauge thickness. Sturdier street signs, (like your neighborhood stop signs) are made with the .080 gauge aluminum. The thickest and strongest gauge, .125, is reserved for heavy-duty signs (like the hazardous materials or evacuation signs at construction sites). When you need a sign material that is rock solid – one that won't split, warp, bow, or shatter – aluminum is an excellent choice.

Brushed  Brite Dental Business Aluminum Signage for Business Brand

Brushed Brite Dental Business Aluminum Signage for Business Brand


It's remarkably affordable


For the level of sturdiness and longevity, you would expect this sign material to be one of the most expensive. It's not. In fact, it's one of the least expensive. When compared to substrates like redwood and even some plastics, aluminum continues to beat out the competition with respect to pricing. It's strong, durable and affordable!

Brushed Aluminum Cisco Sign with Vinyl Letters

Brushed Aluminum Cisco Sign with Vinyl Letters"


It gives a very professional finish


And, in this case, affordable doesn't mean cheap! Aluminum signage might not cost you a fortune, but it certainly can look like it did. Metal finishes typically give a very classy, professional look. Whether it's a brushed, polished or mirrored finish, aluminum signs stand out! For that reason, it's often seen in professional offices – i.e. attorneys' offices, courtrooms, higher education facilities, etc. Its shiny finish is super attractive!

Custom Commercial Aluminum Sign for Batter Company Business Branding

Custom Commercial Aluminum Sign for Batter Company Business Branding


It's very versatile


Whereas acrylic and PVC are not recommended for outdoor signage, aluminum is. And, although most types of wood can be mounted both indoor and outdoor, not all of them can hold up to extreme weather without treatment and edge-capping. Aluminum is perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage! Outdoors, it's rustproof and waterproof, and therefore weather-resistant. That's why it is the ideal substrate for street signs – aluminum will last many years without the material breaking down or failing, which can't be said for plastic or wood. And, indoors, where there's no concern about the effects of sunlight or inclement weather, aluminum will last for decades. It's extremely versatile!

Engraved Aluminum Signage with Brush Finish for the Bagneris Firm

Engraved Aluminum Signage with Brush Finish for the Bagneris Firm


It's super easy to customize


Need to screen print on top of aluminum? No problem. Need to apply colored vinyl lettering or decals to it? No problem. Want to custom cut it into a unique shape or do specialized cutouts? Again, no problem. Aluminum is super easy to customize! You can give your signage great personality by adding just a little creativity. Aluminum is the ideal canvas for all of your great ideas!

There are numerous benefits of choosing aluminum for your signage. The strength, weather resistance, and affordability make it ideal for you. And, that shiny, professional exterior with custom design makes it appealing to your customers. It's a win-win situation with aluminum! When compared to other substrates, it steals the limelight. Now, doesn't that make you want to get your shine on?

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