What do you need to know about Sandblasted Dimensional Signs?

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Available Materials for Sandblasted Dimensional Signs

HDU Signs

High Density Urethane (HDU) has all the benefits of wood, but it’s not wood. HDU is a strong waterproof material that can be shaped and carved into any design and dimension you need. Our HDU is also the go-to alternative for environmentally conscious consumers, who want to “go green”.

Western Red Cedar Signs

Western Red Cedar Signage is the standard for dimensional signs. It has a grain that looks great when stained but it can be painted to look just as appealing. In addition to this, our sandblasting process gives Cedar a carved look that stands out.

Redwood Signs

Like Western Red Cedar, Redwood offers a a traditional, wooden look that can be stained or painted. Without any stain, Redwood lives up to its name with a reddish hue. Redwood is less likely to rot or crack than other types of wood and has an old-fashioned appeal, making it an excellent choice for your next sand-carved sign.

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Available Types of Sandblasted Dimensional Signs

Outdoor Signs

Sand-carved signs are a great choice for an outdoor sign because no matter what material you choose, whether HDU, Cedar or Redwood, your sign will stand up to the elements. All of these materials are either weatherproof or weather-resistant. In addition, these signs often have a unique, 3D profile making them a distinct feature to passing cars and pedestrians. On a street where many businesses may settle for flat, panel signs, a sand-carved sign can make your building stand out.

Indoor Signs

When you place a carved sign in an indoor space, the sign immediately becomes a focal point, due to its unique texture and 3D profile. Indoors, a three-dimensional sign presents a great opportunity for you to highlight your value proposition: Why should your customers spend another moment in your business, instead of your rival's? Combining your highest selling point with your most noticeable signage will engage your customers for those critical, extra moments that your reps will use to close the sale.

Wall Signs

Routed Signs make great Wall Signs for the reason that they stand out from the wall they are affixed to, not only in terms of an additional dimension, but also in terms of a difference in texture, whether wood, pebble, or Venetian grain.

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