Choose Western Red Cedar for Your Sandblasted Dimensional Sign If...

  • You need a sign that is handcrafted and 100% unique.

    HDU can do almost everything that Cedar can, but it takes a true wooden sign to be 100% unique. Even if you reprint the exact same design to a second piece of Cedar, the second sign will have different qualities than the first.

  • You need a sign with a traditional, wooden, carved look.

    Western Red Cedar is easily cut and carved to any shape you specify. The wood can also be stained to a color of your choosing. Although HDU can mimic the look of true wood, your customers will recognize that you don't cut corners in sticking with tradition.

  • You need a wooden sign that can bend when it needs to.

    People often ask what the difference is between Western Red Cedar and Redwood when used in signage. One of the biggest differences is that Cedar has a higher flexural strength than Redwood, meaning it can bend without breaking more easily when under stress.

Visualize Your Cedar Sandblasted Dimensional Signs

Our Pricing Calculator allows you to see how your sign will look next to an actual person. Enter the dimensions of the sign you want and the calculator will adjust the red sign in the graphic in proportion to a six-foot-tall person. Once you have the right size, select your desired material, quantity, and thickness. The calculator will give you a price before you have even added the sign to your shopping cart. Customize your sign exactly the way you want it.

See how different sizes
look next to a 6' tall person!

Reasons to Choose Cedar for Your Sandblasted Sign

  • Western Red Cedar has a higher flexural strength than Redwood, meaning it bends without breaking more easily.

  • The material comes in three different thicknesses, including 1", 1 1/2", 3".

  • The material has an old-fashioned appearance and easily appeals to a customer demographic with a love of tradition.

  • We build our Cedar signs using a custom process that begins with Grade A cedar planks double kiln dried and ends with a sandblasted, hand-painted wooden sign.

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