What do you need to know about Plastic 3D Letters?

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Available Materials for Plastic 3D Letters

Flat Acrylic

Flat Acrylic 3D Letters are produced with precision to have a thin profile. They allow you to create noticeable 3D signage, without disturbing the flow of the space in which you install them.

Metal-plated Acrylic

These letters have a metal face, but acrylic backing. Metal-plated letters are great if you are interested in a metal finish, but don't want to pay the higher cost of letters made completely out of metal.

Formed Plastic

Formed Plastic Letters are similar to Flat Acrylic, but typically have rounded edges and are hollow. These letters are weather-resistant, and have a decades-old reputation in the signage industry for enduring the outdoors.

Injection Molded Plastic

Injection-molded Plastic 3D Letters have sharp edges, unlike Formed Plastic, and are designed to look like solid metal letters. Choose Injection-molded Plastic for your next project for letters with the same returns as metal, but the price of plastic.

PVC Plastic

PVC Plastic 3D Letters are similar to Flat Acrylic 3D Letters, but can achieve greater depth than flat-cut letters. PVC comes white but can be customized with any color. PVC letters can also be customized to have a particular face resembling other materials, such as metal.

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Available Types of Plastic 3D Letters

Outdoor Signs

With the right combination of material and design, Plastic 3D Letters can transform your storefront into a magnet for the eyes of passing viewers. We recommend a UV stable material, such as Injection-molded Plastic, and a large display to grab the attention of cars and pedestrians alike.

Indoor Signs

Every plastic material we offer can be used to make a great indoor sign. Without any restrictions due to weather, each of the materials named above, including PVC, which is lower in price, can be used to create a memorable indoor display.

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