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Choose PVC Plastic for Your Plastic 3D Letters If...

  • You need plastic letters a lot thicker than Flat Acrylic.

    Flat Acrylic Letters are manufactured with a thin profile; PVC Plastic Letters can be as thick as a couple of inches.

  • You need plastic letters that are lightweight.

    For a material that can be as thick as you require, PVC is exceptionally light.

  • You need plastic letters that can be customized to any color.

    PVC Lettering can be any color you require. Send us your art so we can match your preference exactly.

Reasons to Choose PVC Plastic 3D Letters

  • PVC Lettering can be cut to any thickness.

  • PVC is extremely lightweight.

  • PVC can be painted with any color.

  • PVC is priced lower than other 3D Letter materials.

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