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Choose Flat Acrylic for Your Plastic 3D Letters If...

  • You need letters with a slight profile.

    If you have an office with a more conservative aesthetic, you might pause at the phrase "3D Letters." 3D anything could disturb any brand aesthetic which strives to be understated. If this sounds like you, choose Flat-cut Acrylic for your next indoor sign project. The letters are intentionally manufactured to have a thin profile.

  • You need letters with sharp corners and edges.

    Some 3D letters are so customized it looks as if they belong in a cartoon, instead of real life. Flat-cut Acrylic is the opposite. The corners are sharp angles with little variation, aside from conforming to the font and color of your choice.

  • You need letters that are durable despite the fact they are plastic.

    When you're looking for durability in 3D letters, it may seem like an easy out to just go with a metal material. We encourage you to resist that urge long enough for us to tell you that Flat-cut Acrylic is durable as interior or exterior signage.

Reasons to Choose Flat Acrylic for Your 3D Letters

  • Flat Acrylic has sharp, tight edges, unlike Formed Plastic, which typically has rounded edges.

  • Flat Acrylic Plastic 3D Letters can be customized to any font, color, logo, or design.

  • Flat Acrylic has a very slightly raised profile, unlike PVC, which is similar but comes in greater thicknesses.

  • Flat Acrylic is durable enough to be installed indoors or outdoors, unlike PVC Plastic, which is not UV stable for outdoor use.

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