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Choose Metal-plated Acrylic for Your Plastic 3D Letters If...

  • You need metal lettering at a fraction of the standard price.

    Thick metal letters are almost always higher-priced than Acrylic at the same thickness. Choose metal laminates for your next sign project if you are looking to lower your price.

  • You need a metal finish, lots of depth, and very little weight.

    Normally, if you purchase aluminum letters at anywhere near an inch thick, you add a lot of weight to your sign, limiting the places you can install. Instead, purchase Acrylic with a metal laminate face. Acrylic comes as high as an inch thick and can be fastened to any metal finish, including brushed silver, gold, and more.

  • You need plastic letters with a metal face.

    Metal-plated Acrylic has a clean-cut look of precision where the metal laminate meets the plastic, both of which can be personalized to a color and finish of your choosing.

Reasons to Choose Metal-plated Acrylic

  • Acrylic with a metal laminate has a metal appearance but the weight and price of Acrylic.

  • This material comes in any of the standard finishes normally available to metal signs.

  • Metal-plated Acrylic is easily customized to your design and logo.

  • Letters made with Acrylic and a metal laminate can be as thick as an inch and yet retain a lighter weight.

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