"Must Have" Custom Signage for Massage Parlors, Salons & Spas

Window Graphics for a Local Spa

Custom signage that helps drive traffic through your doors…

One of the main purposes for outdoor custom signage is to help customers identify your business. But, make no mistake about it, you can also use custom signage to drive local traffic through your doors. And, when it comes to massage parlors, salons, and spas, local traffic is how your business thrives!

Here are 4 "must have" custom signs that drive traffic to massage parlors, salons & spas:

  • An example of a fascia for a yoga studioA fascia sign – For massage parlors, salons and spas in business parks or on crowded downtown streets, fascia signs (which are simply branded signs mounted above the entryway) are incredibly functional – they communicate to prospective customers who you are, where you are located, and what you have to offer. Also, these outdoor signs are a constant reminder to existing customers who pass by the location daily. Over time, seeing your sign consistently greatly increases brand awareness, recognition, and possibly even patronage.
  • Window perf for a salon Window graphics – Whether it's vinyl lettering with hours of operation, full-color decals of your company logo, or window perf showcasing feature products, window graphics are a "must have" in this industry! When it comes to spas and salons, pictures are worth a thousand words – they help set the tone and the expectation for the experience. Fountains, rocks, oils, salts, and other industry-oriented graphics work well in pulling prospects through spa doors, just like pictures of beautiful hair, popular products and happy faces draw clients into busy salons. Window graphics work!
  • Sidewalk sign with promotion example Sidewalk signs – Sandwich boards are popular promotional signs for restaurants, but they are excellent for all businesses that rely heavily on local foot traffic – including salons and spas. With well-designed signs, these boards have the capacity to consistently draw existing and new local customers in through your doors daily! Passersby are accustomed to looking at sidewalk signs, specifically for menu specials and featured promotions. So, follow suit and place a sandwich board with 2 well-designed inserts outside of your doors, and promote your daily, weekly, or monthly specials! Put them out every day and conveniently pull them in when you close – they are lightweight, portable, and effective.
  • Vehicle lettering for small business Vehicle graphics – Surprised? It has been said that 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month. If that much of your clientele is driving around locally, mobile marketing is just a good decision! Car magnets and decals can be very influential in spreading the word about your salon or spa. Make sure you have custom designed magnets on your personal and company vehicles. And, take it a step further, and encourage your customers to broadcast your brand on their vehicles, as well. Branded decals make great giveaways and they are excellent marketing tools (ask Planet Fitness, the popular fitness center, that gives a window decal to each member to proudly display on their vehicle). Like storefront window graphics, vehicle graphics work!
  • Custom acrylic bathroom signs Bonus: Directional (or way finding) signs – These signs don't necessarily drive traffic to your location, but they drive traffic through! Who will point your customers toward the massage tables, sauna, nail station? How will they know where the restrooms are or your retail products? Directional signs are a "must have"! Hang them from scroll brackets above door entrances, or mount them flush against the walls. Don't let the customers you've attracted get lost in your space, and don't make them constantly ask for directions. Be proactive and say it with signage!

Don't stop at just the roadside sign for your massage parlor, salon or spa! Add these "must haves" to your signage repertoire. They will help to attract new customers and consistently remind your current customers that you are there to serve them. Custom signage should be a part of the marketing strategy for every thriving business – including yours!

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