Over the Edge: 5 Ways to Embellish the Edges of Your Custom Signage

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When it comes to signage, edge treatments can make all the difference to your completed sign. That little "extra" can turn heads...

Make your signage stand out…

Ever wore an outfit that needed a little "something" else? Maybe the right cuff links or that special pair of earrings? Those perfect touches make the final look complete! When it comes to signage, edge treatments can make all the difference to your completed sign project. Consider adding a little something extra to the edges of your sign to pull the look together – it can transform a nice sign to an incredibly impressive one!

Here are 5 ways to embellish the edges of your signage:

  • An example of rounded corners Rounded corners – Adding a radius to the corners of your sign is probably the least expensive way to embellish the edges and still add quite a bit of appeal to the end product. Rounded corners give a softer, more attractive look to signs. And, when they're made with materials with sharper edges, like aluminum, a radius protects against accidents and softens the look at the same time.
  • Example of capped edges Edge capping - Like adding a radius, capping the edges of your signage could be both functional and ornamental. Certain wood grains, like ARMOUR-wood, actually require the edges to be sealed to protect the sign from moisture. But, edge-capping wood also creates that popular finished frame look. You can cap your edges in black, white or wood, or kick it up a notch and bling it out with gold or silver capping. What a way to polish off an already eye-catching sign!
  • Acrylic sign with flame polished edges Flame polished – Acrylic, specifically, is stunning when the edges are flame polished! It makes the sleek, elegant finish of an acrylic sign "pop" even more. The edges become shiny and smooth, giving a certain charm to the completed sign.
  • Acrylic sign with beveled edges Beveled edges – Beveling gives character to a traditionally square-edged sign. The combination of added dimension and curve to the edges of acrylic, PVC plastic, or wooden signs is super attractive, particularly in gift items, like plaques and awards. Beveling takes extra time, care, and machinery, so it costs a little more, but the final look is worth the nominal investment!
  • Custom wooden sign with scalloped edges Scalloped edges Custom-cutting the edges of your signage automatically increases the perceived value. A beautifully shaped sign with scalloped edges hanging from a scroll bracket is impressive to say the least! This particular edge treatment is classy and stylish – and although it could be applied to any substrate, it's perfect for traditional, conventional wooden signs.

Sometimes the smallest detail can make a significant impact! In the sign industry, edge treatments are the little "extras" that go a long way. They make your signage stand out – and as with your outfits, "standing out" causes many heads to turn. Go ever the edge and embellish a little!

Materials Perfect for Edge Treatments:

  • Acrylic Plastic - very attractive with flame-polished or beveled edges
  • Any Wood (Durawood, ARMOUR-Wood, Redwood, HDU) - looks exceptional custom cut with scalloped edges and edge capping
  • Extira - this composite material looks stunning with domed tops and scalloped edges
  • Dibond - great for custom shaped signs
  • Aluminum - particularly perfect for rounded corners and scalloped edges

Tired of the typical square or rectangular shaped sign? Go over the edge!

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