Oldie But Goodie: 5 Reasons to Still Love Wooden Signs

Example of Wooden Sign

Wooden signs stand the test of time...and many business owners still prefer the look and feel of "good old wood"!

In your attempt to modernize your look, don't write off wood!

When you think of wooden signs, the word “traditional” might come to mind. Wooden signs used to be a favorite, but with the rise in popularity of other less expensive materials and the advent of digital signage – you might be tempted to think of a carved wooden sign as a blast to the past. But, before you completely write off wooden signs, consider these beautiful benefits…

Here are 5 reasons to still love wooden signs:

  • An example of custom wooden sign Wooden signage is classic. Like having a black suit in the closet, a wooden sign has a certain "staple" appeal. It never goes out of style! No matter how modern the world becomes, there are a few things that just can't be replaced, and such is the case with wooden signage. Wood is traditional, classic, and fortunately, in great supply. It will always be one of the "go-to" materials in the sign industry.
  • Example of redwood sign Its beauty is timeless. Wood has a natural elegance! People appreciate (and are willing to pay substantially for) that characteristic wood look – especially wood that has been sandblasted or carved. The texture gives it character and makes it stand out from the typical flat, smooth surface on most outdoor signs. For many years wood has been known for its timeless beauty. It's difficult to find a material that outshines it!
  • Strong wooden sign example Wood is strong and durable. It is one of the materials with the greatest panel strength. If you are looking for a sign that will potentially last decades, spring for a wooden sign! For the most part, wooden signs, like Redwood, have a natural resistance to moisture and decay. And, for those that don't, like ARMOUR-Wood, which has a plywood core, the edges can be capped or finished to provide that long-lasting protection. Wooden signs are durable – they last for years in wind, rain, snow, and heat. The durability alone is worth the investment!
  • Outdoor wooden sign example It's versatile. Wooden signs have so much character because there are so many finishing options. It can be sandblasted for that textured look, carved to display raised or recessed letters for dimension, even custom cut with elaborate corners and edges. Wooden signs can be sanded and then painted virtually any color. And, for an elegant, classy look, gold leaf can even be applied to the surface. Whether mounted outdoors or indoors, the possibilities with wooden signs really are countless!
  • Professional wooden sign sample Wooden signs are simply professional. Professionals are willing to invest more for the characteristic beauty and longevity that can only be achieved with wood! For that reason, wooden signs are often seen at professional and high-end locations – i.e. law offices, accounting firms, country clubs, upscale neighborhoods, and resorts. It makes sense that business owners who value excellence and professionalism would invest in signage that portray those same qualities – and wood does it flawlessly.

Wooden signs stand the test of time! Its characteristic beauty paired with durability will always make wood a viable option for quality signage. No matter how modern our world gets and how many new technological advances occur in the sign industry, there are more than enough reasons to still love wooden signs!

Wooden Sign Options:

If longevity is priority, you can't go wrong with wooden signage.

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