Beginner's Block: Part #2 – How to Select the Best Signage for Your Needs

Determine what best fits your needs…

Before you begin the journey of adorning your new business, you must give some thought to what signs you should order first and how much signage you actually need. To come to reasonable conclusions, there are a few things to consider. In Part #2 of this Beginner's Block, we'll show you how to create a realistic and doable strategy for getting started with signage simply by making a few considerations.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the best signage for your needs:

  • Consider the end at the beginning. You have heard it said, "begin with the end in mind". That's just good advice! First decide what purpose you want your signage to serve. That sounds a bit obvious, but it's not. As you learned in Beginner's Block Part #1, each sign serves a different purpose. So, what end result are you looking for? Do you need signs to alert passerbys that you are now in the neighborhood? In that case, you may need a lighted sign or an outdoor hanging sign. Do you need a sign to welcome customers once they enter the shop? An indoor acrylic sign or PVC sign would be great for that. Would you like signs to lead customers to different areas of the building? Some directional signage will be necessary. Take some time to think about what your goals are and make a list of the types of signs that would accomplish those goals. Then…
  • Consider your brand. Are you a fun and quirky retail shop, or a classy, high-end boutique? A professional, suit-and-tie kind of firm, or a fast-paced, high energy take-out restaurant? "Why is this important?", you may be wondering. Because your brand can dictate the kind of signage you order! Custom-cut acrylic and aluminum signage are perfect for corporate firms and high end boutiques. When it comes to fun, whimsical environments, vibrant colored PVC signs and full-color hanging banners are excellent indoors. In addition to corporate branding signage, fast-paced take-out joints use numerous directional signs – "order here", "pick up here", "ring the bell if you're happy" kinds of signs. Which signage best displays your brand? (Not sure? Learn a few Branding Basics…) Next,
  • Consider your budget. How much have you alotted to your signage project? Your outdoor signs will require the largest investment – they'll need to be durable, withstand weather conditions, and last for years. When it comes to budgeting for signage, think about how you can get more for less. For example, having all your signage created in one place saves you both time and money, and ensures a consistent look and quality. Also, if your sign company offers a quantity discount, you'll be able to minimize your cost by placing one large order instead of multiple smaller orders. Some sign companies will even put together a starter sign package for you – ask about it. Lastly, instead of hiring installation techs, mount your signs yourself! Window lettering, indoor signs, and even some outdoor signs are simple to install. Cut costs where you can! So, how much "sign" can you afford?
  • Consider the "chunking" method. Finally, determining which signage would best fit your needs may just be a matter of priority, so consider purchasing your signs in stages. Some of your signage may be more urgent than others. For example, outdoor signs drive traffic and help customers find you, so you perhaps you'll want to start there. And, for compliance reasons, you may need some ADA signs. You may need to order those two types first. Then, you may want to focus on vinyl lettering and window graphics, followed by a few corporate branding signs inside. "Chunking" the process allows you to create capital between projects – and gauge the effectiveness of the signs you've already invested in.

When it comes to selecting the best signage for you, determine your needs. Every company is different – different goals, different brands, different budgets. Spend some time beforehand deciding what's best for you and then move forward accordingly. Once your considerations are made, then you can place your first order. Beginner's Block #3 gives you the 5 topics to discuss with your salesperson…


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