Beginner's Block: Part #1 – The 5 Standard Types of Business Signage

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New to business? You've probably got a few questions about custom signage…

If you're new to business, pricing, ordering and designing signage may not yet be second nature to you. As a matter of fact, even appreciating custom business signs and seeing the value of them may not be very high on your list as of yet. But, it will! In this 4-part series, we'll take the time to give you the basics – what kinds of signage are available to you, how to select the best signs for your needs, what topics to discuss when placing an order and which signs to add to your 12-24 month strategy. That will be just enough to get your feet wet…

Let's begin with the 5 standard types of signage:

  •'s Lighted Sign Corporate branding signs – The most popular, and probably most prevalent, signs you see are corporate branding signs. These signs typically display the name and logo of the business. In some instances, they also have the business tagline or message. But, normally, they display very limited text. Their purpose is to showcase the brand – the logo, colors, graphics, etc. that define the business. Usually outdoor signage falls into this category (think roadside and fascia signs, channel letters, etc.), but corporate branding signs can be exhibited anywhere. They are usually a new business owner's first purchase.
  • Annual sale window decal Informational signs - Informational signs, as the name suggests, provide information to the public. Whether the sign is promoting a "limited time only" sale, showcasing the mission of the organization, or detailing the features of a particular product, it typically provides pertinent information to the target audience. Informational signs are very necessary – they convey what needs to be communicated consistently and effectively. These signs are generally ordered as needed.
  • Custom restroom sign Directional signs – How grateful are you for the highly visible restroom signs with the big arrows when you visit a new restaurant? What about the hanging signs at your local grocery store when you dash in for that missing ingredient? Or, the signs that strategically direct you to available parking at a crowded outdoor event? Directional signs, also called "wayfinding" signs, tell you where to go – and they help you find places quickly! They are convenient to business owners because they prevent you (or your staff) from having to stop to answer logistics questions constantly. Like most signs, these signs are mouthpieces, and customers really appreciate them!
  • No Smoking sign Instructional/Awareness signs – The signs provide instruction or make customers aware of company policies. Compliance signs, like ADA signage, fall into this category. "Equal Opportunity Employer" and "Hazardous Materials" signs can be considered awareness signs. "No smoking", "No Loitering" and "No Littering" signs are all instructional. This type of signage is not only necessary, but some of them protect businesses against liability issues.
  • Custom engraved plaque Acknowledgment/Gift signs – The awards received from civic or professional organizations, the inscripted retirement plaques given to devoted staff members, engraved "Donated By" signs honoring generous patrons, walls of fame with "In Memory Of" plaques, are all acknowledgement/gift signage. These signs are usually mounted to show appreciation and also given as "thank you" gifts.

Most signs will fall into one of these 5 categories. It's important to know these categories because when you begin to adorn your location, you'll not only be aware of the types of signs available to you, but the purpose for each one. Only then can you do what we discuss in Beginner's Block Part #2, and that's select the signs best for your needs…


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