The 3Cs of A Remarkable Marketing Message

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A remarkable marketing message is the heart of your brand...

When you build a brand, you begin with your marketing message and then design your logo and other marketing tools around it. And, if you're really good, your offerings, service and corporate culture will all reflect that message. Your marketing message is the heart of your brand. So, take the time necessary to craft the message that best communicates your value proposition to your prospective clients. The better, more focused your message, the more remarkable it will be to those you want to attract!

Here are the 3 "Cs" of a remarkable marketing message:

  • Clear – What is heart of your business or brand? Be clear about what you believe and craft a message that shares that belief with your prospects. Maxwell House's "Good to the last drop" clearly suggests to their market that they believe their coffee is so good their prospects will enjoy every last cup. Hallmark's "When you care enough to send the very best" says their cards and gifts are the best and they pride themselves in creating the perfect words that stimulate the perfect feelings. Chili's "Life happens here" promises an environment of togetherness and celebration – a unique "experience" over a good meal. Be clear about what you want your market to believe and craft a message that communicates it!
  • Concise – Once you're clear, we'd suggest keeping your message, or tagline, under 6 words for maximum effectiveness. Simplicity allows prospects to remember and recognize your message easily. Think of some popular messages you've seen. The memorable ones are relatively to the point, aren't they? Think of Nike's "Just do it" or Taco Bell's "Live Más". What about Allstate Insurance's "You're in good hands with Allstate"? They are all simple and concise (and the messages very clearly communicate their philosophies). Keep it short and to the point.
  • Consistent – In marketing, repetition is the best way to increase brand recognition – the more prospects see the same messaging and imagery, the more they'll immediately recall who you are and what you do. Whether it's from their tv commercials, radio ads, printed marketing tools, online ads – you've seen and heard "Live Más" so many times, you automatically know it's Taco Bell! That's the goal – keep your message consistent on your printed marketing materials (like business cards), your business outdoor and indoor signage, website and social media profiles. Make a conscious effort to even verbally communicate it consistently. The more your market sees and hear your message, the more remarkable you will become!

Once you've crafted your marketing message, then have a professional logo and other marketing tools created – including branded custom signs. Don't begin a marketing campaign or implement a sign strategy until you have mastered that marketing message!

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