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This catalog features pictured examples and pricing information on a complete line of metal, solid plastic and brushed aluminum letters or logos. You can also see prices and photos of authentic cast bronze, brass and aluminum raised-letter plaques.

Popular Types of 3D Letters for Walls in Lobby & Reception Areas:

  1. Plastic Letters far longer outdoors than wood, and cost less. If you take a close look at the precision of the 3D Injection Molded Plastic Letters that start on Page 130, you'll see one of the lowest priced & highest quality letters available anywhere. These Plastic 3D Letters look as sharp as a solid metal letter, but at a fraction of the cost.
  2. 3D Metal Letters & Logos are durable, look elegant and are immediately recognizable. Our wide range of available metals include aluminum, bronze, copper, titanium and stainless steel.
  3. Foam Letters are a worthy option to consider for indoor signage. There are many customization options available, such as metal plating, so your foam letters look almost as good as their solid metal counterparts.
  4. Wood Letters are one of the most common types of 3D Sign Letters. Dignified and sturdy, letters made of wood add a level of sophistication to any custom sign.
  5. Metal Plated Acrylic Letters combine real metal & solid plastic to make a unique Corporate statement piece.
  6. Lighted Channel Letters have gained popularity in recent years for interior sign displays instead of outdoor use only.

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Product Information for Catalog - 3D Letters, Logos and Plaques


There are three primary methods of installing 3D Letters that we recommend: stud-mounting, flex-pads, and keyhole slots. There are other methods of installation in addition to these three, but they leave the fasteners exposed, so we do not recommend them. Your 3D Letters should look exactly the way they are designed. No hardware should be showing. Use one of the following three methods of concealed mounting to ensure your 3D Letters look just the way you imagined.

  • Stud-mounting: In this method, you attach threaded metal studs to mounting blocks on the back of the letters. Then, you use a caulking gun to fill the holes in the wall with silicone. Lastly, you insert the studs into the holes that are now filled with the silicone adhesive. Once the silicone dries, the installation is complete.

  • Flex-pads: In this method, you screw pads made out of plastic or metal onto the threaded studs on the back of your 3D Letters. Then, you add an adhesive to the pads, and mount the letters to the surface on which you are installing them. Once the letters are mounted, apply masking tape to hold them in place, while the adhesive dries. Once the adhesive dries, the installation is complete.

  • Keyhole Slots: In this method, you attach screws to the wall in the places indicated by a template. Then, you place the keyhole slots on the back of your letters over the screws on the wall, until they are locked in. To tighten the screws, a special type of fastener is required.

Have more questions about the installation process for 3D Letters? Give us a call at 1.800.899.6272 or send us an email at

Our reps will be happy to walk you through the process.

Sizing Your 3D Letters

In the world of sign buying, sizing your letters is the name of the game. That's why we at spend so much of our daily grind providing you with premium information on how to size your 3D Letters. We know you don't have all day either, so we've put the tools in your hands.

Try out our Letter Sizing Calculator. The calculator takes in a few basic measurements, and gives you your letter heights. All you have to do is plug in your viewing distance or viewer speed. Our calculator will give you the exact height your letters need to be to maximize your 3D Letters' impact.

Do you already know your 3D Letter heights, but need help visualizing your sign? Take a look at our Standard Sign Sizes, which allow you to see how your sign looks next to an actual person.

Still have questions? Send us a Quote Request with a description of your 3D Letters and we'll be in touch soon. Also, feel free to reach us directly at or 1.800.899.6272.

Design Options

3D Letters are available in a wide variety of materials and styles. Here are a few popular options:

  • Flat Acrylic: Flat Acrylic 3D Letters typically have a slimmer profile than other types of plastic 3D Letters and are available in the color of your choosing. These letters have sharp corners and edges, giving your signage a professional, clean-cut look.

  • Formed Plastic: Unlike Flat Acrylic, these 3D Letters have a rounded face and edges, which also gives them a deeper profile than Flat Acrylic. These letters are also durable and a good choice for outdoor use.

  • Metal-plated Acrylic: One of the biggest reasons people are reticent to install metal 3D Letters is the price. Be that as it may, many of these same people still need their letters to have a metal appearnace. In this situation, we recommend Metal-plated Acrylic 3D Letters, which can have a metal finish, but at the lower price of acrylic.

  • Channel Letters: Channel Letters are an excellent choice if you are looking for 3D Letters that are easily illuminated. Submit a quote request with a description of your signage needs, and our reps will explain just how easy it is to illuminate Channel letters with LEDs

Here at we are always trying to provide you with all the information you need to make the correct sign choice. Below is a collection of videos specific to aluminum signs. If you have any questions after viewing, please feel free to contact Customer Service at or 800.899.6272.


How to Care for Your 3D Letters-2:27min
Mounting Options to Consider when Ordering 3D Sign Letters-7:02min
3D Sign Letter Installation with Mounting Patterns and Spacing Tape-2:25min
More 3D Sign Letter Mounting Options-1:47min
Installing 3D Sign Letters with a Rail Mount- 1:07min
Installing 3D Sign Letters on an Uneven Surface-2:27min
Installing 3D Sign Letters on a Brick Wall-1:47min
Installing Combination Mounted 3D Sign Letters-3:01min
Installing Pad Mounted 3D Sign Letters-2:55min
Installing Your New Plastic 3D Letters with a Stud Mount-2:56min

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Frequently Asked Questions about Catalog - 3D Letters, Logos and Plaques

We can make 3D Sign Letters very quickly. Once you have approved the final design online, your order will move into production. For many materials, your order will ship within 24-48 hours. Specialty signs, certain materials, and large order requests may take longer. You can confirm the turnaround time of your order with Customer Service at 800.899.6272.


You can get just about any design or color combination you like with your custom letters. We can also create 3D logos.


Discounts vary depending on total quantity and material type.


Most of our materials are ready to go for a rush order.

If your 3D Sign Letters or some other product you ordered from us arrives broken or includes production defects, please contact Customer Support via Live Chat or call 800.899.6272 immediately.

Manufacturing defects fall under our Workmanship Guarantee, so we will replace your sign free of charge.

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