What do you need to know about Metal 3D Letters?

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Available Materials for Metal 3D Letters


Aluminum is lightweight, weatherproof, and rigid. This makes Aluminum 3D Letters easy to install, durable outdoors, and long-lasting. We can increase these qualities even further by adding newer, plastic composites like Dibond to your Aluminum. Still, pure Aluminum has a century-old track-record pre-dating any of these plastic add-ons. You can't go wrong with this age-old material which has been a standard of sign-making the world over for generations.


Dibond can be defined as, "Aluminum, but better." This is because Dibond is made from two Aluminum sheets bonded to a solid, plastic core. The Aluminum lends its high-panel strength to your sign, while the plastic core increases your sign's rigidity beyond what pure Aluminum can achieve. For metal 3D letters with even more durability than basic Aluminum, choose Dibond.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has a timeless look that is instantly recognizable to your customers; many of them likely have it on all of their home appliances. There's a reason for that: it goes with anything and communicates an elegance which looked as good twenty years ago as it does today. Encourage your customer's trust with Stainless Steel 3D Lettering.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters can add depth to your 3D lettering, when other materials may look a little more 2D. If your sign is outdoors, you may wish to add more dimension so that your message is even more recognizable from further away. The standard varieties of Channel Letters include acrylic faces with aluminum backing (standard), or metal faces with poly-carbonate backing (reverse). For a true 3D letter, choose Channel Letters for your next 3D sign.


Bronze 3D Lettering retains the timelessness of other metal finishes, while adding a touch of tradition. Bronze lettering is great for indicating that your company is not simply a current, up-and-coming organization, but is also an institution with a legacy that spans decades.

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Available Types of Metal 3D Letters

Outdoor Signs

Metal 3D letters are an excellent choice for an outdoor sign due to their durability. In addition, many of the surfaces of Metal 3D Lettering are slightly reflective, and will catch the sun's rays, grabbing the passing viewer's attention.

Indoor Signs

Indoors, Metal 3D Letters communicate a corporate professionalism that safeguards your organization's strength. In terms of physical durability, there's no technical need to use metal indoors over plastic, but in terms of your company's image, metal indicates to your visitors that your company is built to last.

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