Choose Aluminum for Your Metal 3D Letters If...

  • You need letters you can install outdoors.

    Aluminum checks all the boxes for high quality outdoor 3D lettering: WeatherProof, strong, durable, and lightweight.

  • You need lettering that adds a touch of professionalism.

    Nothing indicates that sought-after professionalism unique to corporate cultures like a brushed metal finish.

  • You need letters that are lightweight for installation.

    There's nothing worse than installing a new fixture only to watch it tear out part of your wall. Aluminum is light enough to install anywhere, whether its a brick wall outdoors or sheet rock indoors.

Meet the 2021 Sign Catalog.

Every year, when our partner, Gemini, releases this catalog, we take pride in showing our customers the newest, high quality materials that we have to offer for Custom Letters and Logos. This catalog includes every type of metal or plastic available.

Read about Aluminum Metal 3D Letters beginning on page 10.

Catalogs are also available for Cast Metal Plaques and Lighted letters and Logos.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum for Your Metal 3D Letters

  • Aluminum typically lasts three years outdoors, and potentially for decades indoors.

  • Aluminum is easily cut to a custom shape, making it a great material to work with when making 3D Letters.

  • Aluminum is lightweight.

  • Aluminum can be upgraded to an even higher panel strength using Dibond.

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