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Choose Bronze for Your Metal 3D Letters If...

  • You need letters that will add a touch of tradition.

    Classic Bronze Lettering denotes a company that knows the ropes, has been around a decade or two, and doesn't just sell products; you impart wisdom to others in the field, whether they are partners or customers.

  • You need letters that naturally inhibit the spread of viruses.

    Research has shown that due to the high percentage of copper involved in its manufacture, Bronze naturally resists the spread of bacteria and viruses. Copper itself is anti-microbial.

  • You need letters that won't rust soon after you install them.

    Bronze is naturally resistant to corrosion and even has a higher resistance than steel.

Reasons to Choose Bronze for Your 3D Letters

  • Bronze 3D Lettering instantly adds a classic, traditional look to any office or lobby space.

  • Bronze has a higher resistance to corrosion than steel or brass.

  • Due to the copper involved in its creation, Bronze has anti-microbial properties.

  • Bronze doesn't have to be the gold color it is most known for, but can also be aged to an elegant "patina" finish.

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