Perfectly Finished: 5 Ways to Successfully Accentuate Acrylic

Acrylic sign example

Top off your acrylic signs with a touch of class...

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas, is one of the most popular sign materials for corporate offices. Often seen in upscale law offices, advertising firms, high-end boutiques, and swank restaurants and hotels, acrylic offers a super-sleek, classy, professional look that CEOs and business owners appreciate.
Whether you choose a high gloss brilliant color – like black or red – or opt for the popular clear or frosted acrylic, you are sure to be satisfied with the level of sophistication and professionalism this material lends to your sign design. And, you’ll be happy to know that though your sign may look incredibly expensive, it’s actually quite affordable.

Acrylic, alone, is rather attractive, but finishing your sign with a few available bells-and-whistles will leave an impression on your clients that money simply can’t buy!

Here are 5 ways to successfully accentuate acrylic for a perfectly “finished” look:

  • An example of custom cut acrylicCustom-Cutting – Forgo the standard square or rectangular shaped sign for a shape tailored just for you! Choosing a circular, oval, or irregular shaped sign or one custom cut to the shape of your logo or graphic, makes all the difference. The shape you choose can be the determining factor that transforms your sign from a "nice sign" to an "amazing sign" that stands out and attracts lots of attention.
  • Example of raised letters on acrylic Raised letters/logos – To add a nice finishing touch to a printed design, try adding some dimensionality to it! Custom cut the company name or text out of a different color acrylic and lay the 3-D letters on top. Or, perhaps, make the logo 3-D and pair it with the vinyl printed company name. Either way, the added dimension looks distinguished and innovative!
  • Acrylic with beveled edges Edge Finishing – Laser-cut, flame-polished edges are attractive and very professional! The shiny, smooth edges are created when just the right amount of heat is applied to the plastic. It takes just a few seconds, but it makes a very noticeable difference! And, for a really formidable look, you can even bevel the edges, which gives your sign just a little dimension and lots of "flair" – it's the perfect finishing touch to an already beautiful sign.
  • Acrylic sign with vinyl backer Vinyl Backers – For an exceptionally attractive sign, try adding a colored vinyl backer to the clear acrylic. Any color vinyl would be a nice addition, but brushed or mirror finished silver or gold vinyl would add a touch of class to the end result! You could even reverse print vinyl lettering, graphics or photographs and apply it to the back of the clear acrylic for a distinguished effect. The final product would display a beautiful design through the clear acrylic, but have a completely smooth surface – intriguing!
  • Acrylic sign with standoffs Mounting hardware – Want to add a little flair to your finished sign? Gold or silver screw caps are a great way to mount your sign with style! Metal standoffs, which come in both brushed and polished silver and gold, add a little "bling" to your sign, plus some added dimension – they literally make your sign "stand off" from the wall or surface! Stunning hardware is that last finishing touch that completes the look and perfects your final display.

Again, the deep pigment and high sheen of acrylic makes it characteristically lovely, but accentuating it takes it to another level! If you'd like professional, corporate signage, acrylic is the perfect choice. But, if you'd like sleek and classy professional, dress your acrylic up a bit…give it the perfect finish!

Most Popular Acrylic Materials:

  • Clear
  • Clear with metallic backers
  • Black
  • White
  • Frosted

Acrylic also comes in various high-gloss, brilliant colors. Get creative!

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