How to Design Vehicle Magnets that Attract Customers

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Need to reach more local customers?

Custom vehicle magnets are a "no brainer" for small businesses that want to reach local patrons! Whether you are a lawn care provider, food delivery service, or a computer repairman, using vehicle magnets is a very strategic, affordable way to reach local prospects. But, not just any magnets will do – they have to be functional and well-designed.

Here are 7 steps to designing vehicle magnets that skillfully attract customers:

  1. Size it right! Nothing kills the effectiveness of a sign like improper sizing. Putting a super small sign in a huge space, or squeezing a really big sign into a cramped space drastically decreases its impact (mainly because people focus on the terrible spacing). Start with the correct dimensions! Measure the space on your doors, side panels or tailgate and make sure your magnets are sized to fit properly within the space.
  2. Give it some shape. Magnets don't have to be rectangular, nor do they have to have square corners. What shape best characterizes your brand? Maybe rounded corners would look better with your design. Or perhaps an oval would be attractive. How about contour cutting the magnets into the shape of your logo? Draw attention to your design by doing something different!
  3. Brand it! Don't make the mistake of keeping your magnets generic. Use the same logo, signature fonts, photos, graphics and colors you use on everything else – like your website, business cards, social media profiles, etc. Keep your look consistent so your brand becomes recognizable literally everywhere you go!
  4. Make the message compelling. It's not all about how your magnets look, how they read is just as important. What would you like to communicate to your prospects? How does your business meet their needs? What value do you offer? Convey it in a clear, concise message. Whether it's, "We deliver ALL day", "We're open around the clock", or "We're #1 in the city" – here's your chance to draw prospects in! The better, more focused your message, the more remarkable it will be to those you want to attract!
  5. Size the letters…perfectly. What good is a well-branded, well-designed, custom-shaped magnet if no one can read it? Don't guess when it comes to letter sizing! To make sure motorists can read it, use an online letter sizing tool. Or, use this basic formula: 1" letters for every 10' of distance. (For example, if you'd like your magnets to be clearly seen 20' away, shoot for 2" letters.) Be intentional and strategic – no guessing!
  6. Contrast the colors. To make the text "pop" on your magnets, contrast the color of the letters with the color of the background. In other words, use a darker background with lighter lettering, or vice versa. It significantly increases readability!
  7. End with a "call to action". Lastly, don't forget to tell prospects what you want them to do. Would you like them to call you for an appointment? Visit your website for a free download? Like you on Facebook? Follow you on Twitter? Be clear on your magnets. Give them a "call to action"!

Car magnets are a great (and super affordable) way to reach the locals! When designed well and used strategically, they can consistently encourage phone calls, web visits, and even indoor traffic. But, don't leave it up to chance – make sure you are intentional about designing your magnets. The attention you draw from local prospects is worth the extra effort!

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