Is Your Logo a No-Go?

Is Your Logo Working for You?

What makes a logo a "good" logo? Is it bright colors? Creative design? Special effects? If you are currently in business, it's important to make sure your logo is not only attractive, but effective. And, if you are new to business and just beginning your logo design, designing a powerful logo for your brand is crucial. So, here are 4 questions to ask yourself when creating a logo that best represents your business.

4 questions to ask yourself:

    • Who am I trying to reach? Who would you like your logo to appeal to? If you're a B2B provider, then you may want your logo to appeal to professionals, business owners, corporate executives. If you market urban, contemporary apparel, then you may want your logo to appeal to teens or young adults. Make sure there is no disconnect between your logo and who you are trying to reach! Effective logos do a phenomenal job at drawing in your ideal target market.

    • What image am I trying to portray? Who are you? Are you a fun and happy-go-lucky kind of business or does your brand present professionalism and class? Your logo should be a good representation of your company and its philosophies. Choose images and graphics that best characterize your business. And, do your best to keep it simple! If you retail women's jewelry, design your logo around a signature piece – let your logo speak for you!

    • What colors best represent my business? When it comes to designing a logo, the colors you choose are just as important as the design itself. Research shows that the color of your brand increases brand recognition by 80%. Think of UPS's brown or Coca-Cola's red – they are the signature colors of the brand and they mean a whole lot! Learn what the colors signify and use the colors that best communicate your brand to your target market.

  • What's the best way to leverage my logo? In other words, where should you display your logo for the maximum effectiveness? The best answer to that question is "everywhere". Make sure you put your logo on business cards, websites and social media profiles, promotional tools (like decals, magnets, t-shirts), email signatures…as many places as you can! And, for the greatest exposure, add your logo to corporate signage – whether it's the lighted sign at the roadside, the fascia sign above your entryway, the corporate branding sign in your reception area, or the vinyl graphics in your storefront and vehicle windows. Even the sidewalk signs outside your location should be branded. Signs work 24/7 – they give you the highest return on your investment when it comes to displaying your brand. Get the most out of that logo but displaying it everywhere!

Think of all the logos that you recognize instantly and what they mean to you – Apple, McDonald's, Starbucks. They're well-designed, recognizable, and functional. You want the same for your logo, so put careful thought into its design – a really good logo can work wonders for your brand and your business!


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