Sandwich Boards: Double The Marketing Power

Do you rely heavily on foot traffic?

Sandwich boards, also called A-frames, are pretty popular promotional tools for restaurants, cafes and frozen dessert shops. But, don't limit them – they are excellent for businesses in any industry that rely heavily on foot traffic. These little 2-sided outdoor sign holders pack great marketing power. With well-designed signs, they have the capacity to consistently draw current and new local customers in through your doors daily.

Here are 5 reasons to use sandwich board signs to reach local traffic:

  1. They are functional – Sidewalk signs are very attractive. Passersby are accustomed to looking at them, specifically for menu specials and featured promotions. So, if you place a sandwich board with 2 well-designed inserts outside of your doors, it is sure to command attention. The key is making sure the messaging and design are compelling enough to stop foot traffic.
  2. They are affordable – Sandwich board signs are also a cost effective way to market your business. Coroplast, Aluminum, and Dibond are all among the least expensive sign materials. So having inserts for your sidewalk signs made of these affordable sign materials would be a wise choice. Plus, there is a quantity discount for two or more signs, making ordering a sign for each side of your A-frame quite affordable. And, to boot, if you consider the cost of the two sign inserts plus the frame, and compare that to the number of passersby consistently exposed to your marketing message, the return on your investment is relatively high.
  3. They are versatile – Design several different full-color inserts for your specific products or services and switch them out of your sandwich board daily, or apply a dry erase laminate on your branded signs and hand write unique marketing messages. Stick with the popular 18" x 24" sandwich board or opt for the larger 24" x 36". Choose a plastic frame or metal frame, a stand-alone walk-by or a hanging sign frame. There are many options to choose from when it comes to marketing with sandwich boards – simply determine which would best fit your business needs.
  4. Sidewalk signs are durable – Although sandwich boards can be used indoors – like in company lobbies, hallways and in vendor areas at indoor events – they are most popular for outdoor marketing. They are usually placed strategically on the sidewalk or the traffic area right in front of the entryway (hence why they're called "sidewalk" signs). Because they are often used outdoors, the need to made from waterproof sign material. Materials such as Aluminum, Coroplast, and Dibond are good because they are customarily rust-proof and waterproof, and stand up well in rain and other weather conditions. And covered with our premium laminate, these signs are also protected from excessive sun-fading. The A-frames themselves, particularly the heavier plastic frames, are sturdy and durable in windy weather. Take good care of your sandwich board and signs and they should last you for many seasons.
  5. They are portable – Sidewalk signs are conveniently portable. They are lightweight and can be moved indoors and outdoors relatively easily, allowing you to showcase them in different areas of the location or bring them inside when you lock up every night. Also, they travel well for trade shows, community events, conferences and the like. So, not only do they help you conveniently market your messages to local traffic, they also allow you to take your message with you on the road.

Sandwich boards definitely give you double the marketing power – a two-sided board with double the signage to reach passersby walking in front of your location. With strategic messages and images, these marketing tools can be quite effective at inviting prospects into your business. Make them a part of your marketing plan.

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