How to Care for Your Acrylic Signs

High shine, low maintenance!

Acrylic is known and appreciated for its sleek, shiny finish. It has such a professional appeal, which makes it ideal sign material for corporate clients – i.e. law offices, accounting firms, hospitals, realty companies, etc. If “sophisticated” or “professional” is the look you want to portray, acrylic is the perfect choice for you!

Whether you choose the popular glossy finish, or the smooth matte finish, your signs are sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor who walks into your space. Mount the acrylic signs on the walls with elegant hardware – like gold standoffs or brushed silver screw caps – or display them nicely on desktops with small wire easels. Either way, prepare yourself for the compliments sure to come!

As appealing and sophisticated as acrylic appears to be, it is extremely low maintenance! Not much is required for upkeep, but there are a few things you should know to maintain its shiny, sleek exterior.

Here are some "never evers" when it comes to cleaning acrylic signs:

  • Never ever use any cleaners that contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals because they ruin the shiny finish of your acrylic sign
  • Never ever use glass cleaners, kitchen grease cleaners, or vehicle waxes on your acrylic signs - they ruin the finish, as well
  • Never ever use any kind of abrasive pads or cloths, which cause dirt and particles to scratch your your smooth surface
  • Never ever wipe your acrylic with a dry cloth, even if the cloth doesn't seem to feel rough or course (believe it or not, it does the same as the scouring pads or cloths!)

The best way to clean your acrylic signage is with fresh, lukewarm water and a clean, soft, nonabrasive, micro-fiber cloth. A very mild soap can be used, but very sparingly and only when necessary. Your signage should not need to be cleaned often, but when it does, keep it simple and light. Use small circular motions with a fairly light touch. Follow these simple cleaning suggestions, and your acrylic signage will last for years indoors!

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