How Suite! Creative Custom Signage Ideas for Hotels

The Ritz acrylic sign

Hotel signage that pushes the limits...just a little!

When it comes to hotel signage, corporate identity signs take the lead, and rightfully so. It's important to showcase your brand – the hospitality industry is really competitive, and brand recognition is paramount. But, corporate identity signs shouldn't be the only signs in your marketing arsenal. It's alright to showcase your creativity. In fact, it's super competitive (and genius) to do so! Your customers will always remember an environment that stands out…

Here are a few creative custom signage ideas for think-outside-the-box hoteliers:

  • An example of a hanging signHanging signs above entryways – wall signs in sleek, shiny acrylic or PVC plastic are tasteful and professional, but they are standard in your industry. Why not add a little dimension? Remarkably shaped hanging signs on scroll brackets above doors make a statement. What a way to welcome guests into your restrooms, laundry room, business office, fitness center, sauna, and other communal areas! Hanging signs are classy and creative, and they almost always impress.
  • Vinyl lettering on walls Vinyl lettering on the walls & floors – guests expect to see vinyl lettering in windows outdoors because that's where they are typically displayed, but add some vinyl lettering on the walls and floors indoors, and they are taken by surprise! Nothing showcases a mission or corporate statement more creatively than vinyl graphics. And, bold messages that display the brand on the floors in the elevator area give guests something interesting to look while they wait. Now, isn't that hospitable?
  • Custom cut wooden letters Free standing 3-D letters – hotel names, initials, taglines, and custom greetings would all look amazing in free-standing 3"-6" 3-D letters! Whether wooden, plastic, or a elegant, shiny metal, these letters would add a super creative touch to any environment. Display them on the welcome counter at check-in or decoratively present them in public bathrooms. Wherever you place them, they're sure to turn the heads of even the most familiar hotel guests.
  • Custom cut arrow Custom cut directional signs – How about directional signs custom cut into the shapes of the arrows and mounted an inch off of the walls? Or cut into the shape of the hotel logo? Does it get anymore creative than that? Brushed aluminum shaped like dumbbells pointing guests to the fitness center, or like a diving board pointing guests to the indoor pool? A mirror finished martini glass next to the words, "Hotel Bar"? That's creativity at its best…and not an ounce of professionalism is lost!
  • Illumadecor on window display Illumadecor on glass doors – Take those glass doors to the next level with Illumadecor! Its perfect for giving your glass doors and windows the appearance of frosted or etched glass. Creatively display clear-cut impressions of your logo, hotel name or other unique graphics where hotel guests are sure to see them. Illumadecor is sophisticated and eye-catching – probably why you see it most often in upscale, posh establishments.

Corporate identity signs definitely serve their purpose, but venture outside of the box just a little when it comes to hotel signage. There are so many creative ideas to implement that we believe would be quite appealing, and memorable, to your guests! These are just a few of our very best ideas to inspire you…how suite, right?

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