Holy Matrimony! We've Got 6 Creative Sign Ideas for Your Wedding

Don't forget custom signs on that special day!

Weddings are beautiful occasions, aren't they? Smiling faces, happy music, chilled "bubbly" – what's not to love?! It truly is a day to remember for love birds beginning a life together. And, though it may not quickly come to mind when planning the ceremony, custom signage can be quite functional in making the day a success. The proverbial "Just Married" sign gets all the attention, but there are many other creative signs that will impress your guests…and bring fond memories for years to come.

Here are 6 creative sign ideas for your wedding:

  1. "Here comes the bride" sign – There are many adorable ways to let the groom know his bride is coming – a cute little princess boldly announcing her arrival or a handsome little mate ringing bells. But, how about a lovely custom sign? What's more adorable than a dapper little lad strolling in holding an exquisite sign that reads, "Uncle Mike, here comes your bride!" That will make Uncle Mike smile, won't it? And, when you mount it on the wall of your family room later, he'll have such fond memories.
  2. Bride/Groom signs – "Bride" and "Groom" signs are great for the backs of the chairs the happy couple sits in at the wedding reception. They can also be displayed on stands to let the wedding guests know where to be seated. And afterwards, mount them on a wall in the foyer above your favorite wedding photographs.
  3. "Mr. & Mrs." sign – Customize a beautifully shaped "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" sign and hang it above the location where the family photographs will be taken. What a special way to personalize the wedding photos! And, you guessed it, when the wedding has come and gone, mount it right above the shared bed in the master bedroom. Perfect!
  4. Chalk boards, dry erase boards, message banners – These personalized signs are great for sharing the Twitter and Instagram handles, Facebook and Pinterest pages with the guests. They'll know where to post their snapshots of the wedding and share their congratulations online! Message banners are great for personalized messages at the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. The custom dry erase boards can be used for virtually anything later – recipes in the kitchen, "working late, dinner's in the fridge" reminders, and later, arithmatic lessons for the kiddos ;)
  5. Directional signs – Customize directional signs with hearts, doves, wedding bells, or just signature wedding colors – whatever tickles your fancy! Put them on stakes to show guests how to get to the wedding destination or where to park. You can even use them in fun and creative ways, pointing guests to certain activities throughout the day – i.e. "dancing this way", "wine & spirits that way", "cake here!". Keep them classy, yet simple, and you can later use them for birthday celebrations, bbqs, and even anniversary parties.
  6. Vows in Print – Instead of just writing your vows on the back of that restaurant menu, have them professionally printed on beautifully crafted custom signs. Capture those promises and hold them dear for ever! Display them in your home as a reminder of the promises you made to each other on that special day. Sweet, right?

When planning a wedding, all the little details matter. Custom signage is one of those "little details" that truly make an impression. Carve out some space in the budget for creating signage that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. It will be well worth it!


If you've got questions about creating custom signs, TheSignChef.com has got answers! We're the only online sign company always ready to answer all your sign questions. Call us directly at [[TechSupport]] or click here to chat with us right now.


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