5 "High End" Custom Upgrades that Get Your Business Signs Noticed

Example of custom 3-D wooden sign

Some businesses just have a taste for the finer things in life – kind of like people who appreciate fine dining, and those who enjoy vacationing at beautiful resorts. There's nothing wrong with an affinity for "high-end" things – even when it comes to custom signage for your business. If that is your taste, and the feel of your brand, here are few upgrades that will take your signage to the next level. They are sure to make your prospects' heads turn!

Here are 5 "high-end" custom upgrades that get your business signs noticed:

  • An example of custom shaped HDU sign Custom Cutting – Square and rounded corners on business signs are commonplace, but if you really want to impress, custom shape your signage. Whether you opt for a circle or oval, a domed top with custom corners, or have your sign contour cut to the unique shape of your company's logo – no matter which you choose, it adds character and class to your signage!
  • Wooden sign with custom painted 3-D letters 3-D lettering – Adding a little dimension to your signage always commands attention because people are accustomed to seeing flat, smooth signs. Your company name in 3-D lettering on a hallway wall, or your logo in 3-D on an acrylic sign mounted in the lobby is not only professional, it's impressive. Sandblasted wood with recessed letters or carved HDU with raised letters are also super attractive Go deep with 3-D!
  • Black acrylic sign with metallic vinyl letters Metallic lettering – Nothing says "high-end" like metallic lettering done in specialty vinyl. Brushed gold or silver vinyl on an acrylic backer, or a mirror finished chrome vinyl decal on your office wall, gives an air of "upscale". Add actual 24K gold leaf to your design and your signage becomes stunning and valuable. It doesn't get any more "high-end" than real gold!
  • Acrylic sign with silver standoffs Metal Hardware – Instead of installing your custom sign flush against the wall, for a "floating" effect, use hardware like gold aluminum standoffs to project your signage a few inches. Or, if you prefer it flat against the surface, use stylish brushed silver screw caps to cover the screws for a classy, swank look. Don't underestimate the perceived value "sign bling" brings to the table! And, good news: they are relatively inexpensive, so you can get that stylish look without costing you a fortune.
  • Example of lighted 3-D letters Lighting – Lighting your custom signage does so much more than increase visibility! It also adds "flair" and a sense of professionalism. Businesses that illuminate their signage are typically established with a "successful" look - whether they use external lamps, like spotlights, or LED backlights. Consider the high-end establishments you've frequented. Chances are, they have lighted signage – and that's very strategic on their part. It speaks volumes!

If "upscale" or "upmarket" is the look and feel of your brand, then make sure your business signage follows suit! Add some custom upgrades to your indoor and outdoor signs that will make a great impression on your prospects and customers…and aldso make your team proud to work in an attractive workplace ;)

If you've got questions about creating custom signs, TheSignChef.com has got answers! We're the only online sign company always ready to answer all your sign questions. Call us directly at [[TechSupport]] or click here to chat with us right now.

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