Going Deep with 3-D: An Exciting Way to Add Dimension to Your Signage

Example of 3-D Letters on a Sign

Adding dimensionality to signage is not only exciting, it's very beneficial! Dimensional letters and signs draw more attention than flat, smooth surfaces. They are "different" and "creative" – and those qualities are very attractive! So, consider adding some depth to the letters and logos on your custom signage – it will cause prospective customers to do a double take!

Here are a few ways to go deep with 3-D:

  • An example of custom wooden letters Wooden letters – Of course, when it comes to signage, wood is in a class of its own! Not only is it one of the strongest materials in the sign industry, it is notoriously classy and sophisticated. Adding wooden letters to your signage gives a classic, professional look that simply can't be matched.
  • Example of plastic 3-D letters Plastic letters – Wooden letters may give that timeless, classy look, but plastic letters cost far less, and look just as professional! They also last a lot longer outdoors. If you're looking for a less expensive way to add dimension to your signage, plastic would be a great option!
  • Example of metal letters Metal letters – Metal always adds an air of sophistication to signage – whether it's stainless steel, copper, titanium or gold-plated. The glossy, shimmery appearance stands out and makes the signage truly remarkable.
  • Example of foam 3-D letters Foam letters – Foam costs less than the others, but can be customized to have some of the same qualities. For example, foam letters can be painted virtually any color, and even metal plated for that attractive metallic look. They are lightweight and low cost – perfect for temporary signage!
  • Custom sign with 3-D logo 3-D logos – You don't have to stick to dimensional letters, you can make an entire logo 3-D! Graphics of almost any size can be custom cut and adhered to sign material, and then printed vinyl can be applied on top, giving you depth and great color. And, logos can have a metal finish, too. What a creative way to display your brand!
  • 3-D sign sample Custom-cut signs – The entire sign can be made 3-D by custom cutting it to shape! Wood, acrylic, aluminum, and plastic are particularly popular materials for 3-D custom cut signs. These signs may cost a bit more than the average square or rectangular sign, but they stand out immensely!

Whether you want your letters, logos, or signs to stand off of the wall only ¼ of an inch or boldly extend out 6 inches, dimension makes all the difference! It's a fun and exciting way to add "flair" to your environment. Dimensional letters and logos are easy to install and simple to clean and maintain. Why not give them a try? Design something special – go deep with 3-D!

Great places to display 3-D letters:

  • Mount them on business building facades
  • Add them to a fascia sign above the business entryway
  • Mount them on the walls lining the office hallway
  • Add them to custom indoor signs, like in the welcome area or foyer
  • Have them stand alone on desks, counter tops, vendor tables, etc.
  • Spell out names on walls and doors at home – nurseries, children's rooms, man caves, etc.

Get creative…add dimension wherever you want to draw attention!

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