Armour-Wood: Superior in Quality and Strength

Example of Custom Armour-Wood Sign

Need a heavy-duty sign material that gets the job done?

When it comes to durability, it's difficult to match the superior strength and resilience of ARMOUR-wood. This sturdy, heavy-duty sign material gives an unbeatable performance as outdoor signage. Whether it's a roadside sign for your business, a construction site sign, or a real estate hanging sign, ARMOUR-Wood gets the job done and endures for the long-haul.

Here are 5 quick facts about this high-quality, strong sign material:

  1. ARMOUR-Wood is a composite material. It is two sheets of factory-painted aluminum permanently bonded to a plywood core. So, when it comes to signage, you get the strength and sturdiness of the wood, along with the smooth, glossy surface of the double-plated aluminum. That gives the best of both worlds for outdoor signs – a strong, sturdy sign that also looks amazingly attractive.
  2. It's the strongest sign material available. The construction of ARMOUR-Wood, the density, along with the ½" thickness of the material makes it the most rigid sign material available with the highest panel strength. This substrate is solid and it makes heavy duty signs! If "sturdy" and "long-lasting" are priorities for your sign project, make ARMOUR-Wood your top choice.
  3. It's weather-proof. Engineered to survive extreme weather, ARMOUR-Wood will withstand virtually any weather condition. It is both waterproof and rust-proof, and therefore sustainable over time. Plus, it's permanently sealed with a sturdy, ½" plastic edge-capping, which protects the sign from moisture and gives it a clean, finished frame. Edge-capping is available in practically any color, making it super easy to match the colors of your design and create a put-together, professional look.
  4. It's available in any size. Panels come in 4'x10' single sheets that weigh about 2lbs per square foot. The sheets can be paneled for oversized signs, or cut down to virtually any size for smaller signs. And, though ARMOUR-Wood is ideal for outdoor signage, it is equally impressive mounted indoors. So, custom sized wall signs for small businesses, schools, hospitals and other facilities are certainly an option.
  5. ARMOUR-Wood can be customized. Lastly, although ARMOUR-Wood is only available in traditional shapes – square, rectangle and vertical rectangle – this material is completely customizable with respect to design. The shiny, glossy finish lends itself well to full color designs and detailed artwork. To make your ARMOUR-Wood sign stand out, use big bold colors, dynamic photographs and graphics, and text effects. Create borders and unique framing with vinyl or make your designs into specialized shapes, like circles or ovals. Traditional shapes is not at all a limitation if your sign is well-designed!

For outdoor signage with incredible durability, ARMOUR-Wood is superior in quality, and for that reason, we highly recommend it – it simply outperforms other materials in the sign industry when it comes to strength. It has the highest panel strength and a remarkably high impact rating. If you want a sign that will stand the test of time, ARMOUR-Wood is just hard to beat!

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