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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs are Versatile – Inside and Out

Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, aluminum is perfect for real estate signs, property signs, yard signs, directional signs, road signs, safety and regulation signs and restroom signs. Many businesses use aluminum signs for their outdoor signage. Aluminum signs are one of the best options if you’re looking for high quality, sleek, long-lasting, durable, affordable, lightweight signage.

Indoor uses

Aluminum signs make an excellent choice for your indoor signage needs. Because of their light weight and ability to be printed on both sides, aluminum signs make excellent hanging ceiling signs. Also, aluminum signs are easy to mount to any interior wall. Protected from the elements, an interior aluminum sign can last decades.

Outdoor uses

Aluminum signs are ideal for your outdoor signage needs. Because of the metal’s natural rust and weather-resistance, aluminum signs will stand up to the elements far better than many other sign materials. Whether post-mounted, attached to poles, placed in a sidewalk stand or mounted to the exterior wall of your business, you’ll find that aluminum signs are a stylish and durable choice.


Aluminum signage can be hung, installed on a wall or placed in stands or frames. Holes can be easily drilled using a metal drill bit. Use rope, string or bungees to hang; use screws with washers to attach to wood or concrete; or use nuts and bolts to attach to posts.


Simply wipe your aluminum signs with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth. To keep the sign from denting or warping, do not install it where heavy winds could blow it into other objects.


  • Aluminum is thin, especially compared to wood and plastic.
  • Aluminum is lightweight and easy to mount and hang.
  • Aluminum is rigid, yet flexible. Extra stiff aluminum signage is available using Dibond, Alumalite and ARMOUR-Wood.
  • Aluminum is resistant to harsh weather (heat, humidity and snow). Aluminum is naturally rust-proof, water-proof and chemically resistant.
  • With proper care and installation, an aluminum sign should last at least two years. Four grades of protective coatings can extend the lifespan up to 10 years.
  • Standard durability for aluminum is three years outdoors. Premium grade aluminum can extend lifespan to six years outdoors (maximum 15.)
  • Aluminum signs can be printed single-sided or double-sided using vibrant colors (even Pantone) made of high performance, UV resistance inks.
  • Aluminum signs are easy to install (installation kits are available).
  • Artwork can be applied to an aluminum sign via screen-printing, color-printed vinyl or engraving.
  • Five thicknesses (.032", .040", .063", .080" and .125") of aluminum are available.
  • Aluminum signs are available in any size, from a small 3" x 6" to a hefty 72" x 144" and even larger.

Unlimited proofs

With every sign, we send a proof of your design to ensure 100% satisfaction before production begins.

Free shipping

For all aluminum sign orders within the continental U.S. greater than $125.

Other Metal Sign Options

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Aluminum Sign Examples

Aluminum Sign Example 1
Aluminum Sign Example 2
Aluminum Sign Example 3
Aluminum Sign Example 4
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Aluminum Sign Example 6
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Aluminum Sign Reviews

Aluminum Videos

Here at we are always trying to provide you with all the information you need to make the correct sign choice. Below is a collection of videos specific to aluminum signs. If you have any questions after viewing, please feel free to contact Customer Service at or 800.899.6272.

Introduction to Metal Signs
Introduction to Aluminum Signs
Aluminum Signs Up Close
Aluminum Signs Up Close
Metal Size
What Size Can My Aluminum Signs Be?
Metal Thicknesses
How Thick Should Your Aluminum Signs Be?
Aluminum sign shapes
Aluminum Signs - Can I Get Any Shape I Want?
Metal in ANY size, color or thickness!
What Else?

More Information about Aluminum Signs

  • How quickly can you produce an aluminum sign?
    Once you have approved your final proof, we usually have your aluminum sign produced and ready to ship within two business days.

    Large orders and special requests normally ship in 3-7 business days. If your order is time sensitive, please share the exact turnaround time with Customer Service at 800.899.6272.
  • Would you help me with a rush order, even for aluminum?
    Yes. We would be happy to rush the processing of your aluminum sign. The fastest way for us to help you with a rush order will be for you to call us at 800.899.6272.
  • Is an aluminum sign reflective?
    Not by default, but a reflective coating can easily be applied to any aluminum sign. Check out the aluminum sign pricing calculator to see coating options and prices.
  • Can I get holes drilled in custom locations?
    Yes. We typically drill one ⅜” diameter hole in each corner about ½” from the edge. If you need additional holes or want them drilled in custom locations, you can note this request in your order. Special requests are subject to additional cost.
  • Can I drill my own holes in the sign?
    You are welcome to drill your own holes. If you cause damage, we will not repair or replace your aluminum sign under warranty.
  • Could the sharp edges of the sign be harmful?
    The edges of aluminum signs can be rather pointy, so we can round the edges if you prefer. Just let us know what radius you would like.
  • What about reinforced core aluminum signs?
    If you’re looking for an aluminum sign with a reinforced core, Dibond signs have a plastic core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum.
  • Can my aluminum sign be cut into a specific shape?
    Yes. Any aluminum sign can be custom cut; the options are “contour cut” or “halo cut.” Contour cut means that the sign is cut to the exact shape of your design. Halo cut means that the sign is cut to leave a small border around the edge of your design.
  • Do your aluminum signs have a matte or gloss finish?
    Our aluminum signs have a smooth semi-gloss finish. Where printed, aluminum signs will have a very mild matte finish.
  • Do you print onto the aluminum or a vinyl overlay?
    We can do either. Simply let us know which you would prefer.
  • Do I need to worry about fading or scratching?
    All of our aluminum signs are printed with weather, fade and abrasion resistant ink. Your sign shouldn’t fade or scratch with normal usage. Having said that, however, if you intentionally or unintentionally scratch the sign with a sharp object, it is most likely scratch the surface and/or printed portion of the sign.
  • Do I need to worry about rusting?
    No. Rust is what happens to iron and steel when they are oxidized. Most metals experience oxidization, but the way they respond to it can be drastically different. Iron and steel change color and expand, which is what causes red/orange flakes. As the flakes chip away from the metal, more metal is exposed which oxidizes.

    Aluminum, however, behaves differently. Aluminum Oxide is the product of aluminum oxidation, which forms a hard barrier that protects the aluminum from further oxidation. It looks almost identical the bare aluminum. This why people say that aluminum doesn’t rust. With proper care, your aluminum sign will look perfect for many years.
  • Do I need to worry about my aluminum sign bending?
    The size and thickness of your aluminum sign will determine how flexible it is. The larger the sign, the more flexible it will be. This is why we recommend choosing thickness carefully, and taking the overall size and placement of your sign into consideration.
  • What is the minimum quantity of aluminum signs I have to order?
    The minimum order for all of our signs is just one. We offer quantity discounts starting at the second sign. The more signs you purchase in one order, the greater your savings will be.
  • What if my sign comes with a defect?
    If your aluminum sign or some other product you ordered from us shows up broken or includes production defects, please contact Customer Service via Live Chat or call us at 800.899.6272 immediately. If you try to contact us after business hours, e-mail us at and we’ll respond when the office reopens. Manufacturing defects fall within our Workmanship Guarantee, so we will replace your sign free of charge.