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Custom Banners for School Pride!

As I began writing this article I had the song "Be True To Your School" by the Beach Boys stuck in my head. Alright, so I am telling something about my age, but the song still rings true. School banners are a great way to show off your school pride. When you're at the yearly open house at the start of the school year, it is nice to see the school banner hung out front for everyone to see. New students and their parents can admire it, while returning families can feel the rush of pride you get as an alumni.

What are school banners good for?

School banners have many purposes and are designed in a number of ways. The school banners that have the name of the school and a picture of their mascot can be used for special events held after hours at the school, or can be transported with a group or sports team if they are participating in an event where they are representing the school. Our local pep band had a school banner that specified their school's name as well as the name of the band. The banner served as a gathering place for the spectators that were supporting the band as well as a source of pride for the teachers and students participating. Additionally, school banners can be used to provide motivational or inspirational messages. There are any number of motivational messages that can be put on a vinyl banner along with the school name and mascot. Putting these banners up around the school can help to reinforce positive ideas.

Should students get involved in designing school banners?

That's something that only your school can decide but there have been a lot of schools that give students the opportunity to express themselves on school banners. The art department allowed the students to create drawings of the mascot, or of something about the school that they felt was significant. Students also submitted ideas for motivational or inspiring messages to be put on the school banners.

The student body as well as the faculty then cast their votes for the graphics as well as the wording. The top three of each are made into school banners that get hung at various points around the school. Many of the students said that they get more out of it by getting to help make the decision. They felt that by being involved, the school banners represented the students themselves instead of what the faculty and staff thought the banner signs should say.

The feedback from the students continues to be positive. The students that have already graduated continue to feel a great deal of pride in their school and some have become involved as volunteers because of it. The new students become part of the process as new custom banners are designed. And the previous banners are on display for everyone to enjoy. School banners are very reasonably priced. Therefore the school is able to continue this tradition every year. Funds are raised and the community gets involved on many levels. Pride in the school translates into pride in the community, and continues to build a strong positive environment for students and professionals alike. And all of this can be created with a simple school banner!

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