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Alumalite Wall Signs are A Lightweight Easy Way to Maximize Your Exposure

Choose Alumalite for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

  • You need a sign on your wall that's even stronger than Dibond.

    Dibond has a reputation as that heavy duty material that combines plastic and Aluminum to weather just about anything. Alumalite has all of the strength of Dibond, but replaces Dibond's solid plastic core with a corrugated core for even greater panel strength.

  • You need an exterior sign the wind can't tear down.

    Fastened between two posts, an Alumalite sign stays put, even with winds over 100 mph. Fastened to your wall, an Alumalite sign isn't going anywhere. Alumalite is also freeze-proof, thaw-proof, rust-proof, and rot-resistant.

  • You need a building sign that can be painted or cut to any shape.

    Alumalite cuts and bends easily. Send us your logo, mascot, or graphic and we'll have an Alumalite sign personalized to your exact specifications in no time.

Reasons to Choose Alumalite For Your Wall Sign

  • Alumalite is a lightweight panel that is thicker than Dibond.

  • Alumalite comes as thick as 1/2", whereas Dibond's maximum thickness is 1/4". Our customers often want the added thickness without any extra weight.

  • Oftentimes, our customers prefer Alumalite over ARMOUR-Wood to prevent any risk of water seeping into the sign. Water can cause premature deterioration to an ARMOUR-Wood sign, whereas Alumalite is waterproof.

  • 1/2" Alumalite has a higher wind rating than 1/4" Dibond. For free-standing signs between posts, Alumalite will weather storms that harm a Dibond sign.

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