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You may have seen it on TV or in a movie; some person insists on crushing an aluminum beverage can against his or her head (ouch!) and the material crunches from five inches right down to two in a single, swift whack. This scene generally leads people to believe that aluminum isn't as sturdy as it really is. But it's all about the grade of thickness. Beverage containers are not that thick and durable, but an aluminum metal sign surely is.

What exactly does "grade of thickness" mean?

Well for example, a single, small metal real estate sign you often see on display in yards is made of a single metal sheet which has a.040" grade of thickness.

While extremely lightweight, this grade offers exactly the same quality as a thicker grade metal sign would in terms of toughness, weather resistance and design capabilities. Plus, you can easily pick your sign up and position it straight into another yard without straining your back. If you won't be needing to move your sign a lot or you plan on mounting it, a thicker grade of aluminum might be a better selection for your custom metal sign.

The next step up is just a few "grades" away!

Bigger metal signs commonly call for a thicker gage of aluminum. These larger metal signs typically are not designed to stand alone but to be installed on flat surfaces such as an inside wall in your company or outside in an area with little traffic. Most sign shops offer aluminum grades up to .083". Although this is still fairly thin, your metal sign will not flex, warp, and absolutely will not be crushed with your head!

Is there anything more robust than a .083" grade metal sign?

There certainly is! For larger customized aluminum signs that will be hung in between two standing posts or even mounted on top of your business building, we recommend one of the following aluminum-based sign materials:

  • ARMOUR-Wood: This is the most robust aluminum-based metal sign material on the market today, and the name states it all. ARMOUR-Wood is a 1/2" piece of plywood sandwiched and sealed in between two aluminum panels. Now that is one strong sign!
  • Alumalite: This is an aluminum composite material (aluminum alloy composition) that falls right behind ARMOUR-Wood in terms of strength. It 's almost as thick, lighter in weight, and terrific for durability.
  • Dibond: Although the least strong of these choices, Dibond is ten times the thickness and strength of a single panel of aluminum. It is a perfect selection for flexibility and durability when you need a tad bit more than the .083" grade aluminum.

All of these signs require little or no maintenance and are made to last. You can completely customize any of these choices to fit your business needs.

Not quite sure if you need one of the thicker grades of aluminum or not? Not a problem! One of our extremely skilled sign specialists would be glad to take you step-by-step through the selection process and help you pick the proper grade for your metal sign.

So whether you need a metal real estate sign or a large ARMOUR-Wood business sign to install on top of your building, rest easy knowing that your aluminum based signs are tough, solid and there for the long haul. And we wouldn't advise even trying to smash one of these metal signs against your'd end up with quite the awful headache if you did!

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