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Choose HDU for Your Outdoor Hanging Sign If...

  • You need a wooden hanging that never rots.

    Sounds like a dream? With HDU, it's a reality. HDU looks just like a wooden carved hanging sign, but, because it's synthetic, an HDU sign never rots. This means you get the same traditional wooden look, with more longevity - a dream come true.

  • You need a wooden sign that's friendly to the environment.

    HDU signs offer all of the customization possibilities of Western Red Cedar. The difference? HDU signs haven't killed any Western Red Cedars. In addition, the production process is actually more predictable because HDU is synthetic.

  • You need a sign with maximum customization.

    Whereas aluminum is only customizable to the extent that we can cut it to any shape, HDU is customizable to the extent that we can carve it to any shape. HDU offers three-dimensional customization, so your sign can look like anything. Literally.

Reasons to Choose HDU For Your Hanging Sign

  • HDU offers the same carved look as Western Red Cedar, but is lower-priced and WeatherProof.

  • HDU is lightweight, making for an easy install.

  • HDU allows for three-dimensional customization.

  • HDU allows for four different textures, carved wood, smooth, Venetian grain, or pebble.

  • HDU is green and avoids killing trees.

  • HDU is available in five different thicknesses: 4", 3", 2", 1 1/2", 1", 1/2", .

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