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Formed Aluminum Signs - Flat, But Not - Thicken Your Sign

  • Used to Add Thickness Without Weight
    Formed Aluminum Signs are made of flat aluminum just like our regular Aluminum signs. The difference? We bend back the edges 90° so that your Aluminum Pan Sign can look 5 times as thick!
  • Don’t Over-Buy or Under-Buy!™
    Our sales team will walk you through the process, step-by-step, according to your needs, so that you purchase a solution which fits your application in terms of size, design, and personalization.
  • Customized to Your Exact Specifications
    Formed Aluminum offers the same possibilities of customization as regular Aluminum.
  • We Guarantee 100% Design Satisfaction
    We give you total access to our graphic designer during the design process so that every suggestion you make for your sign is incorporated into the final product.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Standard Sizes Available
    Aluminum Pan Signs can be customized to many of the same sizes as normal Aluminum signs.

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Product Information for Formed Aluminum Signs


  • Formed Aluminum Signs look thicker than our thickest material - that's thicker than an inch!
  • Despite their substantial appearance, Formed Aluminum Signs are lightweight due to the fact that they are made from standard aluminum.
  • Formed Aluminum Signs can look as thick as you want. Just let our reps know when you send us your design.
  • Aluminum Pan Signs have all of the advantages of regular Aluminum signs in terms of durability, panel strength, rigidity, and weather resistance.


What is a Formed Aluminum Sign?

Also known as Aluminum Pan Signs, Formed Aluminum Signs are identical to regular Aluminum Signs, except for one fact: we bend back the edges of your Formed Aluminum Sign by 90° so that the sign can look ten times as thick as the actual aluminum material. The sign itself is hollow.


Indoor Uses

Formed Aluminum Signs are a great option for your next indoor sign. Aluminum lasts for decades inside, and the metal will give your space a streamlined, corporate appearance. Combined with the substantial look of an Aluminum Pan Sign, your interior will be transformed into a professional space.


Outdoor Uses

Aluminum Pan Signs are as durable outdoors as regular Aluminum signs are. The advantage is that they can look as thick as you want after we bend back the edges. The actual aluminum you purchase may be as little as 1/10 of the "visible" thickness of your Formed Aluminum Sign.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Formed Aluminum Signs

By choosing an Aluminum Pan Sign, you lower your price by selecting less material, but receiving the thickness you desire.

Yes, you can. Please send us your artwork and any necessary descriptions so that we can get you in touch with our graphic designer, ASAP.

There is none. Aluminum Pan Sign, Formed Aluminum Sign, and Shoebox Sign are all terms referring to the same technique of bending a regular aluminum panel back at the edges to create an appearance of thickness.

Formed Aluminum Signs are made from the same material as regular Aluminum Signs, but look very thick because the edges are bent back 90°, forming a "pan."

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