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You've spent money to design a vinyl banner that has the ideal colors, the exact message you want. It's all you could ask for. But when it was hung up to display an awful accident occurred. The grommet was ripped from the corner of the banner. It can no longer be displayed, unless you leave the corner hanging down. We know that's not an acceptable choice, so what can you do?

We've got great news! Our sign experts can do a little "doctoring" to your banner and save it. No need to call an ambulance, just contact us and we will help you get your digital banner sign on the mend.

The tearing out of a grommet is the most common accident that happens with banner signs. This is typically caused by the pulling when hanging the sign. You also add stress to the banner if you only use the corner grommets to support the weight of the banner. You can prevent this from happening if you distribute the weight across a rope that's woven across the length of the banner. This can then be tied off the same as if you used only the corners.

However, the prevention does no good if the problem has already occurred. The good news is that the procedure to fix up banner signs is quite simple and can be done quickly.

A piece of matching vinyl is cut larger then the tear. The extra amount of material allows for overlap. This holds the vinyl together better. A special kind of tape is then used to bond the new vinyl to the original banner sign. Once the new vinyl is adhered to the banner, a new grommet is attached in the same place as the first one. The procedure that will extend the life of your custom banner has now been completed.

Unfortunately there will be signs of the repair. However it will only be visible from up close. If your custom banner sign is being hung where people can not come directly up to it, then the repair will be close to invisible. We take great care to assure that your banner sign will look as close to the original condition as possible.

Now you know if your banner sign happens to have a grommet torn out, there's no reason to get rid of it. You simply need a professional to do a repair.

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