Pack and Carry: 5 Portable Signs Perfect for Businesses on the Move

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Is your business on the move? Take your signs with you!

Businesses on the move need to make a good impression wherever they go! Whether it's setting up a vendor table at a national conference or a product table at the back of the room of your own local event, it's important to have quality, branded signage that stands out and attracts the crowd. But, your signage doesn't only need to look great, it needs to store well and hold up while you travel.

Here are 5 customizable signs that are easy to "pack and carry":

  • An example of sandwich boardSandwich boards and signs – Sandwich boards (also called sidewalk signs or A-frames) are often seen outside of restaurants or retail shops, but they are actually very versatile. They can easily be used in other places where there is increased foot traffic – like conferences, seminars, pop-up retail shops, kiosks, trades shows, and more. Place your display signs on the floor next to your set up or atop a round table in the back corner of the room – either way they are perfect for attracting attention! Standard sizes for sandwich boards are 18"x24" and 24"x36" and they are available in plastic and metal finishes. The signs placed on the inside can be temporary and affordable (like vinyl digital posters or Coroplast signs) or more durable, high quality signage (like Aluminum or Dibond signs). Because the frames fold up and the signs slip out, they are perfect to "pack and carry". Fold them up and slip the signs in a zipped canvas bag and they are ready to go!
  • Example of retractable banner Vinyl Banners – Full-color vinyl banners are one of the most inexpensive signage options, and for that reason, they are a hit with most business owners! But, the low price tag is only one benefit – the fact that they are lightweight and portable is another! Purchase small banner stands to display them on the table top or hang them from the front of your table cloth with hanging hardware. They can conveniently be moved from one location to the other, which makes banners ideal for company events, fundraiser set ups, or vendor displays. Simply roll and store them in a cardboard cylinder or fold them neatly and put them in a plastic storage bag or bin for travel. Easy enough!
  • Sign on an easel Easel-back signs – Adhesive easels made of 10-ply board are ideal for displaying your lightweight custom signage – like small table-top Coroplast, Aluminum or Dibond signs. The adhesive tape is high-quality and double-coated, and creates a super strong bond. So, you can be sure that your branded, full-color signs will stand beautifully while you work the room. And, if you'd prefer larger easels for full-size signs, they are available in many different sizes and finishes – including brass and aluminum. Collapse the full-size easels after your event and put them in a fitted carrying case and store them comfortably next to the plastic storage bags that house your oversized signs. Done!
  • Stacked coroplast signs Yard signs – Also called lawn signs or real estate signs, yard signs are popular portable sign options! They are typically mounted on stakes, but can also be displayed with easels. Often made of metal, like aluminum, these signs are not only affordable, but they are also customizable. Round the corners, or custom cut them into interesting shapes, and they make the perfect display pieces in the back of the room! Simply slip them in an oversized plastic bag for travel. No fuss!
  • Table top displays Table-top displays – Whether you need a "registration table" sign that fits nicely in a foot holder or a "welcome" sign that sits on a small wire easel, table top displays are perfect for your display table! These signs can be engraved metal, plastic, or even carved wood, if you want to kick it up a notch. When the festivities are over, put the stands and signs in a small carry bag, and be on your merry way! They travel light and they travel well. Easy breezy!

When you have to travel for business, you can still make a great impression! All of these signs can be custom made with high quality material and produced in full-color. Whether you're traveling nationally or across town, you don't have to skimp on quality with your signage. Still aim to impress…just use signage that you can easily "pack and carry"!

If you've got questions about creating custom signs, has got answers! We're the only online sign company always ready to answer all your sign questions. Call us directly at [[TechSupport]] or click here to chat with us right now.

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