Lexan®: The "Luxury Leader" of Lighted Sign Materials


When it comes to sign faces for outdoor lighted signs, you can opt for Acrysteel® or Acrylite®, which are both notable brands of acrylic plastic. But, the more expensive Lexan® is also an option – and a very good one. Lexan®, which is a polycarbonate, can arguably be considered the "luxury leader" of the lighted sign materials, and here are the 3 reasons why…

  • It has incredible impact strength – When used to produce lighted sign faces, Lexan® may bend and scratch a bit more than Acrysteel® or Acrylite®, but this material is virtually unbreakable! It has up to 50 times the impact strength of acrylic or plexiglass. It's so incredibly impenetrable that the clear version is often used as bulletproof glass! Lexan® withstands high winds and nearly any other adverse weather conditions – making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage. Its impact strength easily sets it apart as an industry leader for lighted sign materials.


  • It has a high light transmission – Polycarbonate transmits light extremely well. In fact, it is believed to transmit light better than its acrylic counterparts. Lighted signs with Lexan® sign faces have both even illumination and superior optical brightness, which can enhance your sign design. It can also allow you to use less LED lights and other light sources inside your sign cabinet, which lowers your production costs. Plus, because it's more difficult to see light sources beneath Lexan® panels, your end result is an impressive completed sign with great visibility. And, as an added benefit, Lexan® provides excellent UV resistance.


  • It's available in a wide range of sizes – Lexan® panels are available up to 5'x10' panels, which means its rigidity, strength and optical superiority are accessible in signs of virtually any size, large or small. Whether you need an oversized backlit sign, standard sized formed or flat faces, or small menu boards, Lexan® provides easy fabrication. It can be customized to your liking!
Lexan Sign Chef Sign that Has Full Lighting at Night

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Like the acrylic plastics, Lexan® is super functional for long-lasting roadside signage. But, it can be considered the "luxury leader" of the lighted sign materials because it is an incredibly strong and durable polycarbonate that easily overcomes both "weatherability" and impact. For a superior lighted sign, begin with superior lighted sign material – and Lexan® fits the mold perfectly.
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