High Quality Signage that Won't Break the Bank

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High quality signage can be expensive – but it doesn't always have to be! There are several low-cost options available that also give a professional look and feel to your business – inside and out. Below are a few high quality signs that won't break the bank.

Don't be dismayed, all signage won't hurt your pockets!

Having a traditional sandblasted redwood sign in front of your building will require a sizeable investment – chances are it will last you decades. And, the oversize lighted sign at the roadside will cost a pretty penny, as well – that's to be expected for the number of prospective customers it will attract for years to come. But, don't be dismayed, all signage won't set you back. There are several low-cost options available that also give a professional look and feel to your business – inside and out.

Here are a few high quality signs that won't break the bank:

  • An example of custom vinyl banner Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners are the most affordable option when it comes to signage! They are completely customizable – you can have them made in any size, shape, or color. Plus, there are no limits with respect to graphics, so you can get as creative as you'd like with your design and it won't cost you a penny more! Banners can be easily hung on walls, fences or building exteriors, from ceilings, or they can stand alone with banner stands. Not only are they extremely affordable, they are incredibly versatile, as well.
  • Example of vinyl lettering Vinyl Lettering & Decals - Applying vinyl lettering and decals to your storefront windows, vehicles and walls allows for 24-hour marketing, 365 days per week at a really reasonable cost! Vinyl graphics are very attractive – passerbys and customers always stop to admire creativity. So, put your well-designed, full-color logos and messages on display. And, the fact that vinyl lettering often signifies an established, professional business is just an added bonus.
  • Coroplast sign example Coroplast – When it comes to substrates for inexpensive, temporary signage, coroplast is probably the most popular. This waterproof, corrugated plastic material is used for so many kinds of signs – real estate, political campaigns, car washes, new business announcements, celebrations, and more. But, it's not limited to just yard signs, oversized coroplast signs can be mounted indoors. Your color and graphic options are countless, so get creative. It's an inexpensive material that can really stand out if designed well!
  • Indoor aluminum sign sample AluminumAluminum is one of the most popular, and most durable, materials in the sign industry. It's strong and lightweight, and can be cut into any size and shape. It's used for single and double-sided signs and it can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Plus, it can be the back drop for any full-color design. There are so many benefits at a such an affordable price!
  • Dibond sign sample Dibond – Aluminum has a host of great benefits, but it's very thin. For those who prefer a little dimension, Dibond is the perfect choice. It offers a thicker plastic core sandwiched between two enamel-painted aluminum sheets. Like aluminum, it can be custom cut to shape and size. And, it any color graphics or vinyl can be applied. And, the best news…there's not a big price differential between it and aluminum. You get the added thickness without a considerable cost!
  • Dibond sign sample PVC – PVC plastic is perfect for indoor signage – the bright vibrant colors and smooth, satin finish makes it very attractive. In addition, it is virtually shatter-proof AND waterproof. A little more expensive than the list above, but PVC still won't break the bank. It is an excellent alternative for indoor signs!

Yes, you will have to make a sizeable investment for your larger, more impactful sign projects. But, not all of your signage has to be expensive. There are numerous reasonably priced alternatives. Simply make sure the design is stellar, mount them well, and they will perform for you over time!

Least Expensive Sign Options:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Vinyl Lettering & Decals
  • Coroplast Signs

If your budget is limited, opt for an inexpensive material, but make sure the design layout is super attractive!


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