5 Signs that Make the Perfect Gift

Tired of looking for the "perfect gift"?

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially if you don't intimately know the person for whom you're shopping. But, look no further! People's likes and dislikes may differ, but one thing is usually true: people like to see their name in lights! Having a personalized custom sign made almost always passes the "perfect gift" test.

Here are 5 signs that make the "perfect gift":

  1. Engraved signs – Whether you opt for metal, plastic, or acrylic, engraved signs have a very high appeal and are quite affordable – simply add a name, logo, special message, or term of endearment and let the sign speak for you! A "Mom of the Year", "World's Greatest BFF", or "Sales Rock Star" award will surely get the job done! Engraved signs can be custom shaped, dimensional, and made in virtually any color. What a great idea for a meaningful, personalized gift for your colleague or loved one?
  2. Aluminum name plates – Know someone who just started a business or just moved into a new location? Why not present them with matching aluminum name plates for their doors? Aluminum can be custom cut into the shape of their logo, or simply round the corners for a smooth, professional finish. Add a logo and their signature colors and fonts (which you can probably get from their website!) and sit back and wait for the smiles :) Aluminum's shiny surface is versatile and super attractive, plus it's strong and long-lasting. This gift will last for years to come and constantly remind them of you!
  3. 3-D LettersAdding dimension to signage always draws attention! Painted wooden letters that spell out the new baby's name on the nursery wall causes "oohs and aahs" from every visitor. Even the older kids love their names on bedroom doors and walls – it says to everyone, "this is my room!". Acrylic, foam, or wood, colored material or hand-painted, large or small, any way you make it, personalized 3-D letters are a hit when it comes to gift giving!
  4. Wooden surname signs – Ever walk up to a home and see a carved wooden sign with their last name just to right of the door? Doesn't it give that warm and fuzzy feeling? Ok, maybe not warm and fuzzy, but it does capture your attention, right?! Most people are proud of their family names and are honored to mount it on their homes, display it in a rock garden or hang in the foyer. It's a thoughtful gift – and again, one that will last for years.
  5. Man Cave/Diva Den signs – When it comes to specialty signs, these are most popular! "Off limits" rooms are so common, there are now television shows dedicated to showcasing the time and effort people put into them. If your loved one or friend has a man cave or a diva den, a personalized sign for the door or wall would be well received! These signs are made typically in aluminum, but can be crafted out of any sign material of any color, size or shape. You can even add photographs – so get creative!

If you have a hard time finding the perfect gift, have it made! Personalized gifts are thoughtful and meaningful…and are almost never returned for a refund ;) Don't you want to be that colleague, friend or family member that gives the "perfect gift"? Of course you do – you'll get bragging rights all year long!

Example of 3-D letters

Personalize signs for:

  • Family members' birthdays
  • Friends' birthdays & promotions
  • Recognition for bosses & colleagues
  • New births and special ceremonies
  • Christmas and other holidays
  • New business launches & openings

Celebrate any momentus occasion with personalized signs!

If you've got questions about creating custom signs, TheSignChef.com has got answers! We're the only online sign company always ready to answer all your sign questions. Call us directly at [[TechSupport]] or click here to chat with us right now.

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